As Roma game schedule on 2017

La Seria A is already in its final stage, with few games to play, there are some dates to define how the tournament will be this season 2016 – 2017. That’s why fans now more than ever support their team, to stay in good Position and reach places in Europa, and thus to buy the tickets online from this website
AS Roma are currently second in the Serie A standings and the third is just one point behind. Already the leader, the whole of Turin, Juventus, will remain champions of the championship, as it has good points difference, and has been playing very well.
It is very important for AS Roma to finish the campaign in the position in which it is; The second place can become a good reach by seeing the magnitude of the local league competition, and also evaluating and comparing the performances the last eight years, season after season.
There are 15 points remaining, and AS Roma have important matches against tough opponents, where they cannot loosen there will not lose points in this final stretch.
For day 33 will face the Pescara Calcio, on April 24, an open meeting, where you can get points, and add to stay safe in second place.
In turn on April 30, play against Lazio, a difficult match for the history of these clubs. Lazio is currently in fourth place, has a Champions League Play-Off position and would surely like to add and increase position to have direct access to the tournament of the greats of Europe.
Another tough match in this final part of the AS Roma season is against Milan on May 7th for the 35th Serie A match. It is an attractive match for the history of the clubs. Milan does not have the usual level, but still it is not dangerous; currently is in the position of Europa League, and looks for summer to climb positions. As every big team wants to play the Champions League, and the real fans want to be live for it, you need to buy your tickets online
The third hardest match and perhaps the most important is the first place in Serie A, against Juventus; A team that has the best news, in the local league and Europe. Probably win the Serie A and have good appearances in the Champions League against the French-Monaco. That’s why AS Roma want to make a good match to keep on the spot, as losing points can complicate their place in the second place for the remaining dates.
In the day 37 has a match against Chievo, on May 21 will be measured against this team of Verona, who is currently in the 13th place in the standings, is an open meeting looking to stay.
And the last day will be on May 28, against Genoa, a team that is down on the table and possibly look for points to stay in Serie A.
Nothing is written, that’s why the fans must support at the end of this season in the proper performance of the team AS Roma, buy tickets online from the page: