Champions League Final 2017. Tickets

The Champions League is already in the quarter-final round, and little by little the final is really close, where it is decided who gets the trophy, the most coveted prize for clubs in Europe; the final will take place in Cardiff, a port city in South Wales. You cannot miss this final match of the Champions League, where there will undoubtedly be the stars of this 2017. Buy the tickets via online through:
With a population of approximately 360,000, the city of Wales is preparing to host the final of this gala tournament; this town is located 240 kilometers from London, on the western side of Great Britain, which has twice been named European City of Sport where rugby and football are the predominant sports. The team of the city is called Cardiff City, the ‘bluebirds’; this year the team plays in the second division at Cardiff City Stadium. This city is the cradle of two great world football stars, the Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale and former Manchester United Ryan Giggs. Fans are getting ready to buy the tickets online.
Cardiff, a modern and recently refurbished stadium; it has been the scenario of occasional matches in English football, it staged the FA Cup final between 2001 and the end of 2006 while Wembley stadium was being redeveloped. The national stadium in Cardiff, one of the most modern in Europe, with a unique architecture, designed by the Bligh Lobb Sports Architecture office and with a capacity of 75,000 people, is a multipurpose stadium for football and rugby disciplines; it is also called Millennium Stadium. If you want to know this extraordinary scenario do not stop buying your tickets online. Click here
With the quarterfinals just around the corner, very attractive games are expected; in the first leg the matches will be: Atletico Madrid vs Leicester, Dortmund vs Monaco, Bayern vs Real Madrid, Juventus vs Barcelona. With three Spanish teams, two Germans, one Italian, one French and the revelation: the English team Leicester who was crowned in the last Premier League. These matches are expected for April 11th and 12th, and the second leg for April 18th and 19th, to define those who will move to the next round.
After the quarterfinals, the raffle for the semifinal is expected on April 21 in Nyon; playing the semi-finals on May 2nd and 3rd in the first leg, and the second leg on April 8th and 9th, reducing to only two squads who will face each other in the 2017 Champions League final in Cardiff on Sunday June 3rd, if you are ready for the excitement do not stop buying the tickets online.
Only one team can take the cup, while the other team makes the recognition hall. Only the best will reach the final, and it is good to know that there is nothing said, the circumstances and football will talk, the players on the field and the ball rolling will take care of that. That’s why you cannot miss this opportunity to be in the Cardiff stadium, the prestigious Champions League final, buy your tickets online and do not miss this party that football is offering, visit our website: