The 5 Best Player of as Monaco tickets

The teams become great thanks to the ability to add strengths and subtract weaknesses when they are shown so few times they are defeated, and we can confirm that throughout the history of football. In this opportunity we will talk about the As Monaco, a team that seems to be very solid this season and who is looking forward to taking the title of the Champions, only has one encounter with Juventus and another more, perhaps with Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid.
Let’s see then what the possible characters of Ace Monaco are and do not forget to buy tickets via online for all their matches.
Thierry Henry
He has a history as an efficient scorer: 51 goals in a football team in France, 228 goals in Arsenal F. C and 51 goals more than positioning him as the sixth top scorer in the UEFA Champions League. Not only did he play for Monaco as his national team, but he also did for other great teams such as Juventus, Arsenal FC, FC Barcelona, ​​and New York Red Bulls, which has led him to be very famous as an athlete.
Radamel Falcao
It is a real luxury to buy the Ace Monaco tickets to see this Colombian play, although unfortunately he is no longer working for the team, in the season 2013-2014 was worth very much the presence of this striker in Monaco. He did 22 games with 13 goals in a masterful way, and that is why he is undoubtedly one of the five best players of the As Monaco.
Ludovic Giuly
The third in this list is Ludovic Giuly, better known as “The Little Frenchman.” He started his football career in his city (Lyon, France) and from the age of 22, he supported Al Monaco. There is no denying that he has played for other teams, as that is part of the career of every footballer, but his best performance has been towards his country, 184 games and 47 goals are those that accompany him as a great memory of the Monaco and is He might have perfected those numbers if he had not retired in 2014.
Lilian Thuram
After starting at a very early age from his home country, the first thing he did when he arrived in France was to give himself up to football. During all his adolescence and part of the youth prepared to be part of the great ones of the Monaco Ace and could not arrive in better time than in the decade of 90 when the equipment was Champion of Liga in 1996, and 2 times Champion of the Cup French in 1994 and 1996, Lilian, made his debut as a right back and from there to become one of the majors of Monaco as he once dreamed, to retire in 2008 for personal matters regrettably.
Subasic Danijel
Undoubtedly it is part of the new history that is counting the Monaco. Subasic has been supporting the French team since 2012, much more is expected of him as a goalkeeper but so far everyone is satisfied with his work, and with the memory, he is leaving with the team for years to come.
This team will continue to bear good fruit in football, so buying tickets online has been said!