The 5 best Tottenham players of the Premier League era

Tottenham Hotspur has a very complete team in the Premier League that has allowed them for two consecutive seasons with the great teams of England; No doubt it gradually gains respect in every encounter with its adversaries; And the confidence of the followers to go and support them in all the games buy the tickets online from the page:
Maurico Pochettino, the Argentine coach has earned the trust to lead this squad, which is hungry for triumphs and titles, and increasingly makes it clear on the pitch.
Among the most important players of Tottenham Hotspur we have the main goalkeeper, born in Nice, France. Hugo Lloris. He was born on December 26, 1986; at his 31 years old he has been entrenched under the three clubs since he arrived to the club in 2015, from the French club Lyon and who was in four consecutive seasons, giving good performance. And now is a fundamental piece in Mauricio Pochettino’s scheme; he is the safety wall under the three sticks.
Another player who is fundamental to the team is the Belgian player Tobias Albertine Maurits Alderweireld; Born in Antwerp, Belgium on March 2, 1989; at his 28 years old in the first central marker, and plays of lateral right in some occasions. He arrives at the club in 2015, joining the Atletico de Madrid team in Spain. He has been key in defence for his agility and speed to preserve and protect the team, this player continues to conquer the public, we see in the amount of tickets sold via online to see him play.
In third place we have Mousa Dembele, another Belgian player who plays for the squad. Born in Wilrijk on July 16, 1987. He arrives in Tottenham in August 2012, and has a contract until 2019. He plays in central axis, is a half offensive center and his skillful leg is the left; game after game leaves everything on court doing a good job of coming and going, giving balance to the midfield.
The second place is given to Christian Dannemann Eriksen, the Danish player born in Middelfart (Denmark) on February 14, 1992. It is a half offensive center. He arrived in the team in August 2013 and has a contract until 2020. His agility with the ball and his clear vision of the game has allowed him to be a fundamental piece in the game of Tottenham these last seasons. And not only that, he’s in fourth place in the attendance table with 12 in total and has 6 goals in the current Premier League edition, which attracts more fans who are going to buy tickets online to see this player .
And in the first place we have the revelation of Totteham Hotspur, star forward Harry Kane, the Englishman who was born in Walthamstow (England). At 24 years of age he is the center forward with better numbers in the Premier League, with 25 goals that puts him first in the scoring table, as well as in the scoring with 155 with a big difference of the second place with 119 the player of the Manchester City Sergio Agüero. Harry Kane, arrived in 2013 to the club and has a contract until 2022. The young star has been fundamental to the game of Argentine Mauricio Pochettino.
In the final stretch of the season, the team prepares themselves physically and psychologically to continue the fight for the Premier League. In the same way the fans support the club at all times, buy the tickets online from the page: