The PSG worst defeat

Not long ago we were talking about the best match PSG had, because it turns out that the best game and the worst of this year was against the same team: FC Barcelona. This is for some part of the history of both teams and they see it from a positive perspective, but for others it is a totally fatal fact because it represents the dream almost reached in the round of 16 end, because from one moment to another escaped from the plan of the PSG without anyone to see it coming, but let’s see that we can get out of this situation so infrequent in football.
Was it Luck?
The majority points to the fact that it was a stroke of luck for Barcelona, ​​all those who decided to buy tickets online to see PSG, saw the effort of the team before the defeat, i.e. the game on February 14 of this year that was legendary because the PSG gave a score of 4-0 without leaving even a chance of breath to Barcelona. Many have said that the Blaugranas did not even show concern except for Neymar in this match, so it is assumed that the victory of March 8 that gave a marker of 6-1 in favor of Barcelona was nothing more than luck and because of that they are where they are today
What was the mistake?
The confidence. It has always happened that in the final minutes when fatigue begins to appear accompanied by the joy of victory already almost achieved, teams (in this case PSG) are trusted in a way that even sometimes causes discomfort, then when the team contrary marks a draw that gives a lot of strength, the winner is trying to recover a little scared, but it is late because only one goal more changes the situation forever. This was what happened with the PSG, the score was going 1-0, the opposing team draws and draws strength, from one moment to another they take the victory of 6-1, this is why trusting was a big mistake.
What is next?
The next thing PSG should do is recover, it is very clear that the worst defeat of 2017 for PSG was not a matter of bad execution or lack of strategy but simply a mistake of confidence that greatly disappointed both the team and the fans, but the story does not end here for a fact like this, the PSG will be able to continue playing and who knows if in the future it is up to them to receive some golden years that will be worthy of being remembered by all those who are going to buy the tickets via online or by who from today decide to buy the tickets in admiration to this great team
As we mentioned at the beginning this does not happen every day so try to forget the mistakes of PSG and understand that is part of the football cycle, all teams have passed and will go through a situation like this. Always have the time and money to buy the tickets online and enjoy even the bad times. Long live football!