Tour of Lazio in the Italian Cup

Lazio is located in central Italy, it has many tourist marvels and several emblematic landscapes that captivate all its inhabitants and visitors, but beyond that, is the sports field which gives the value to be admired by many countries.
Talking about football is to talk of the Lazio sports society, the club of the Italian League playing as local in the Olympic Stadium in Rome. This team became an important symbol not only for football history but also the history overall, thanks to having won the National League and international tournaments, managing to position itself as the best team both on a sporting level in the heart of its faithful fans who always choose to buy tickets online from each game.
The beginnings
Lazio began its career as a great Italian club who fought much to get big awards, there is a saying that “you must hit rock bottom in order to achieve the top” and this squad stepped on bottom 3 times in order to achieve what they wanted: striving, struggling, staying outside and climbing each step slowly until they reach the ‘A’ series because it is no secret that all beginnings are difficult whether It is football or not.
The first title of the blues and whites was in the year 1973-74, this resurgence may have been the beginning of a glorious team race but only 6 years after the victory the team sank in the shame of placing illegal bets along with AC Milan (terrible fact that lasted almost a decade, that was difficult to erase and that even now affects the honor of the Lazio team).
The 90’s were times of light for Lazio, it had a streak of 3 wins in 1995-96-97 and in the last year (1997-2001) were the Kings of the Italy Cup, winning Italy Super Cup, the Europe Super Cup and some other great triumphs that brought joy to the team.
In order to become what they are today, the team had to face battles on and off the football field: insufficient funding, lack of sponsorship, changes of technicians and players are some of the things that did not make the easy task to the Italian team. It was not until the year 2004 when entrepreneur Claudio L. bought the team giving a 180° turn to the club and began to see various results such as Kings of the 5th Italian Cup in 2008-09. Years later with another technical director and new players, they return to win the title of the Italy cup by which we can say that constancy, devotion, faith, effort, commitment and passion by many people allowed them to remain in the football world, especially fans who always buy tickets online.