Sunderland vs Arsenal. Last match results

Begins the final stretch of the championship and Arsenal needed another victory urgently, this combined with defeats of Manchester City and Liverpool would allow them to open a panorama that could approach them to dispute the Champions League for the following season.

On this occasion, the 21st-placed artilleryman plays for Emirates Stadium at full house, with all the fans eagerly in their seats after buying their tickets online and getting ready for another exciting day of Premier League.

Wegner’s team achieved a favorable result of 2 goals – 0, with a seemingly inspired Alexis Sanchez and emerged as a candidate to be the tournament’s leading scorer, this time he scored a double that allows his team to continue thinking about the possibility of being in the most important clubs tournament in the world.

The Previous
The London champion after this match knows that only has a date, as the end of the Premier League is approaching, where they will face Everton and expect a combination of favorable but possible results to qualify for the Champions League, for now, with a win, secures its ticket to the Europa League.

Alexis Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott, Giroud and all Gunner artillery, will give everything to their fans who from the beginning to end support their team, and they do not stop buying their tickets online to give them all support from the stadium.

Today, it is uncertain if Wenger will remain on the bench as Arsenal coach, as well as the continuity of the team’s star scorer Alexis Sánchez, everything seems to depend on the wind blowing in favor of the home and can sneak in to play for the next year the Champions League.

For its part, the visiting team arrives as an accessible rival, is the last in the table and plays the match without any pressure, unfortunately for them and their fans is down and will have to think about its renewal ahead of the next championship.

Match development
The home squad came out with everything to look for the game, however, unable to finish their attacks, the match was tangled a little and did not find a clear domain of the encounter.

Wenger, the French coach of the Gunners, made some moves that in the end would bring good results, entered Iwobi and Welbeck, playing more for the Chilean Alexis Sánchez who began to break loose and to be vital part in the attack.

Because Sánchez, despite its size, has the necessary mobility to sneak in front of the defenders and managed to score twice as a whole 9, being in the right place and time to send the ball to the networks.

In minute 72, after a pass of the German Mesut Ozil, the Chilean pushed the goal the first half of the match for the frenzy of the artillery fans and minutes later, in 81’, a great shot from the French Giroud to the bow was covered by the goalkeeper, but after the rebound, the wonder boy managed to connect head and put the 2 – 0 final.

Alexis brings his class out
The double of this day allows Sanchez to reach 23 goals, leaving only 1 of Everton’s Romero Lukaku leader, who will face in the last league date, it has been another formidable day for the austral, who has the whole Arsenal fans in a pocket with brilliant performances; we hope he can renew his contact with the Club, but there are rumors that put him closer to other teams.

The Premier League final is approaching, and all the fans are rushing to buy their tickets online, to have the privilege of being in the stadium and bidding one more season of the always exciting English League.

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