Arsenal FC weak points

The Arsenal FC team is fantastic, but as every team, it has weaknesses, they have things to improve. Its trainer, Arsene Wenger, is ready for his team to show their great skills, have a lot of motivation. So if you want to watch matches like Arsenal or a different team, you must buy your tickets online, so you can make your own conclusions.
Arsenal is really a threat to different teams, but we know they can show a lot more, they come to the stadium in order to dominate the ball and the pace of the game, but they do not always do it.

Giroud is Arsenal scorer and few times the score has gone to zero since he does his best to make as many goals as he can. Also has the presence of five midfielders that gives them advantage to the English team. Coquelin is the most relegated in terms of the organization of the game. So if you are passionate about football and you feel you cannot miss another game, go and buy your tickets online with guaranteed security.

The Arsenal team players at the start of a game are expected to have the ball, come with many players, which makes them expose defensively to the team. There are also times that only Coquelin and some central are the only defensive references. Perhaps this weakens the Arsenal team is at a high level, which makes other teams feel inferior.

But there is no doubt that Arsenal can improve and leave behind the difficulties, as it is an amazing team and it is a great pleasure to observe and support them. That is why you must buy your tickets online, it is faster and easier.
Another weakness is that the tactic proposed by Wenger, often causes his own team to have problems. Which makes the rival team can steal in areas committed and advanced offensively for Arsenal.

Also Metersacker and Koscielny, who do not have the level compared to other players, their level of demand is not up to it or is not so high, sometimes they go too far in search of the striker, which harms enough the team as they leave space on their back. Do not forget to buy your tickets online and enjoy the good football.

Difficult matches
In some matches Arsenal has not gone so well, maybe it is because of the pressure but that has not made them demotivate since they are still standing and try to give the best in every game that they have to play, is a threat to some teams, since they have given great plays.

Arsenal have had difficult games, but they have also made great games that make it one of the teams with the highest level of fame, we also know that all teams have to pass at some point by difficult times, you do not always have to win . So remember that you can buy your tickets online, it offers the best options for you.
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