Mourinho’s first year as a coach of Manchester United

José Mourihno is a Portuguese coach, being the current coach of Manchester United since May, 2016, many games have been played since then and it is amazing how many people have been present in the games when buying their tickets online.

This season was a lot of effort for Manchester United, but a very satisfying season too, the stadiums were full of fans in every Red Devils game, as people ran to buy their tickets online.

Mourihno replaces Van Gaal
Mourihno when entering the team as a coach said that it was an honor to belong to Manchester United, as it was a club known and admired by everyone. After a few weeks of being a coach he changed several things, starting with second coach Ryan, putting a man of his confidence like Rui Faria, who did an excellent job in the season.

No coach had won a major trophy in his first year at Manchester United, with Mourihno being the first to win this record. This League cup is the fourth for Mourihno, he had already won three previously with Chelsea.

Team vice president Ed Woodward referred to Mourinho on several occasions as the best coach in the world today.
Many are the fans who enjoy these moments when buying their tickets online, you can be also one of them. The trajectory of this great team over the years has increased their fans, and is that in each game played you can see in the stands the furor and emotion.

Now, Mourihno as a coach has given a lot of satisfaction to the players and their fans, as he is one of the best.

Mourihno’s signings as a new coach
His first signing as a coach was the Ivorian player Eric Bailly, being a great player for Manchester United as he knew how to defend his team well in the field.

In the game where Manchester United won the cup, we lived so many emotions, Ibrahimovic was one of those who put to win the team with a goal in the 19 minute, then Lingard in the 38th minute, again Irahimovic who put the third goal for the win after a dangerous draw. “Ibrahimovic saved us”, those were the coach’s words after raising the cup.

The League is for Manchester United
It is the fifth time that Manchester United raise the league cup, being the fourth for Mourihno as already mentioned. It was an excellent year for the team, breaking the curse as some say out there that no coach had won a trophy in the first year.

There were many games played this year by José Mourihno, and thousands of people attended each game to support their team by buying tickets online. Live also the excitement of football and run to buy your tickets online, so you can enjoy the new season looming for Manchester United.

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