Predictions for the Europa League final

Manchester United and Ajax will face in the Europa League final on May, 24th at Friends Arena in Stockholm, many fans will enjoy this game when buying their tickets online.

There are many expectations of this final, as the two teams are good and go with everything for this significant match. For Manchester United it is very important to win this cup as it would allow them to qualify the Champions League, in addition if they do not qualify they would lose a lot of money.

Who will win the cup?
The predictions of this match is that Manchester United will win the cup, as analyzing several previous matches it has been victorious, as the Mourihno’s team has worked hard to reach this final, in addition to the great experience of the players.

The Ajax is a very young team in every way and more in a stadium that is not theirs. We can say it was about to be out of the cup while Manchester United has many advantages in that regard.

Many fans are going to enjoy this great game when buying their tickets online, you can also live the excitement of football and go and watch the matches of your favorite team.

The Ajax, a young team.
It can also be said that there may be surprises, because it is not known if Ajax even a team so young win the cup and erase many predictions that give it as a loser, because we know that everything can happen in football.

This will be the fifth time that these two teams face European competition, Ajax has been revelation in this league, after 22 years it returns to a final. This game promises a lot, so thousands of people buying their tickets online will attend this match played in Stockholm.

Swedish forward Ibrahimovic is expected to be back on the field for this date, as he had a surgery on his right knee a few days ago, and as we say in football everything can happen, this would be a big surprise for fans and for the same team. So if you want to live this, run and buy your tickets online.

Manchester United have the lead
Mourihno has said that the best way to close the season is winning the Europa League, as they have the experience to win and have made a good season, despite the downturns he had.

Manchester United have an excellent team with which they can easily win the cup, so they must motivate themselves and strive to win it as millions of fans wait for the triumph of Manchester United, and thousands of people buying their tickets online will attend the long awaited match. And although it does not leave victorious, its fans will be proud of such a good season, since it has excelled among many teams. Live the excitement of football yourself and start from this experience.

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