Know about the stadium where the Europa League final will be played

Manchester United and Ajax will face once more time, and now in the Europa League final on May, 24 in Stockholm at Friends Arena, thousands of people will witness such a beautiful event when they buy their tickets online.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, where more than 900,000 people live, much of this city is made up of islands, east of Sweden surrounded by the sea. It is a beautiful place to travel so come and meet them when you buy your tickets online for this great game.

Friends Arena, a modern stadium.
The match will be held at Friends Arena, which is relatively new since its inauguration was in 2012, where by the way Manchester United star Ibrahimovic scored four goals to win Sweden against England, leaving the game 4-2 In favor of Sweden.

The Friends Arena is a beautiful stadium with a capacity for 50,000 people, when you buy your tickets online you can visit this place located in Stockholm, Sweden. Thousands of people will go to this event, do not stay at home.
Go to Stockholm, a beautiful city.

There are many ways to get to Stockholm by air, road, train and sea. There are many places you can know apart from the Friends Arena where Manchester United and Ajax will play for the Europa League final, being in Sweden is easy to get around.

There are many ways to get around this beautiful city of Stockholm, on foot, by bus, subway, train, taxi, and bicycle. There are many places that you can visit, to know the culture, the environment and the nature in this beautiful city.
The Stockholm Stadium this May, 24 will receive thousands of people who will go and watch their favorite teams, Manchester United and Ajax. Do not go without buying your tickets online, it is a unique experience what you live in each game.

There are many traditional sports in this country, but football surpasses all sports among these, hockey. That’s why thousands of people will enjoy this game by buying their tickets online.

The facilities of the Friends Arena are very modern, it is an excellent place for such a good game. Fans are looking forward to the day of the game, as both Ajax and Manchester United have a good chance of winning.

In addition, Sweden is a beautiful country, full of friendly people, visitors will be astonished with such beautiful landscapes and activities that can be done in Stockholm, also know the facilities of the Friends Arena where will be this grand final.

The favorite for this great final.
It is heard and read that the favorite team is Manchester United, as many say that Ajax is a new team without much experience, unlike Manchester United that already has enough trophies won. That’s why this May, 24th Friends Arena will be filled with spectators who always buy their tickets online, you also could be able to enjoy this magnificent event, held in Sweden.

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