Pepe’s future in next season

We are already at the end of another season; Real Madrid has only one game left, the Champions League final after getting the league title, and the summer market is coming where players arrive and others leave, for what will be the next season that fans will see from the stadium when buying tickets online.

The Portuguese who arrived in Real Madrid’s club in 2007, coming from Porto could have his last season this 2016 – 2017 in Spain. Although his intentions are to stay and remain in the white club, where he has triumphed as a player, it is clear that he is not on the Real Madrid agenda for the following season.

In one of the press conferences at the beginning of this year, he was asked what his future would be at the end of the season, since he won the contract at the end of June, the player not giving many details said he did not want to overtake, that still lacked time and that from there to June could happen many things, he did his declarations looking at the president of the club, Florentino Perez.

It is clear that he has already completed his cycle in the white set, if not already renewed. The 34-year-old Portuguese defender will step aside to get a new path for his last years of professional career.

Kepler Laverán Lima Ferreira, nicknamed as we know “Pepe”, was born in Brazil on February 26, 1983; decided to play for the Portugal selection, and has been reference and fundamental piece. Last year he managed to get his first Eurocopa, giving the country a new joy and fans.

His style of play is not very well seen, and is strongly criticized for his aggressive way of dealing with his opponents. But it is the way he has earned the respect and trust of his coaches.

It could be said that Pepe triumph with Real Madrid, winning any type of competition, being a key piece in each of those titles. This year has been affected by the injuries, which has led him to be off the field. The lack of continuity affects any player in a club, which is why his name sounds in other Europe leagues, including Asia.

Pepe could leave Real Madrid winning another edition of the Champions League and the Santander League achieved this season. The Madrid fans will miss the defender Pepe, and it is because he has achieved a particular affection, but the time has come to leave.

The clubs that have been interested in the Portuguese are Inter Milan and AS Milan, it is possible that he will grab his bags and his destination is Italy at the end of the season or he will be able to decide on the new attractive market, as China is.

Very good players have gone through Real Madrid giving and demonstrating a great level, and the fans have witnessed this, buying tickets online and visiting the stadium in every game of the club.

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