Manchester United injured players

Although Manchester United had a very good season, in which thousands of fans attended their matches when buying tickets online. This year several players were injured, and some will be slow to return.

Despite of Mourihno’s injured players, the team has not lost since October and is also in the UEFA Europa League final. But many players are injured this season at Manchester United.

Current Injured
Although it is difficult to believe, this season were eight injured, one of these was Zlatan Ibrahimovic who had a ligament injury on April 20, 2017, and should be out of the field for about 8 months and that same day the Argentinian Marcos Red also suffered a ligament injury and will be able to play in about 10 months or more.

Many fans witnessed these moments when they bought their tickets online, and will be present in the following season to support their favorite team, Manchester United.

Injured players about to return
Marouane Fellaini suffered an ankle injury last days in May, he will return to the field in a few more days, while Juan Mata also had an injury that is still unknown in a few months will return just as Chris Smalling will return in a few days.

This coming season will be difficult for Manchester United with so many injured players who also have important roles in the field, but this should not be an excuse for a giant like Manchester United. Many are the sales that this team has even with this news, because their fans do not stop buying their tickets online.

Who will be out all season?
Ro-Shaun Williams had a strong knee injury in February and will be out all season while recovering, also will be out all season Luke Shaw, the side was injured against a game with Swansea City days spent in April.

Another who will not be able to return throughout the season is Ashley Young who suffered a thigh distension on May 4, is expecting a speedy recovery.

Many Manchester United fans will return to the stadiums to support their team by buying their tickets online for the new season, where the team will do their best despite having so many downs with their players.

Jose Mourihno is considered one of the best coaches in the world, and has the responsibility of lifting this team despite the difficulties. Manchester United is considered one of the greats of Europe, and this last season has been more active because since October does not lose a game.

All the fans are hoping for the speedy recovery of these Manchester United injured players, who are the stars of the field, fans will be waiting in the stadium for when they return to buy their tickets online.

Do not stay without buying your tickets online and live the excitement in each stadium, because as long as we know football is the most beautiful sport in the world.