Striker Zlatan Ibrahimović’s future

We have heard so many rumors after the strong injury suffered by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, some say he will not play again and others say that the Swede no longer play for Manchester United. There are many Ibrahimović’s fans as well as all the team that attend each game when buying their tickets online.

Zlatan Ibrahimović suffered a serious injury on April, 20 in the knee, so speculation of his exit from the world of football, but he has made clear his future through statements where he said he did not leave because it is not time yet.

Many fans support the Manchester United player and attend games by buying tickets online. It is not yet known if he will renew his contract with the team as it expires in the middle of the year and its return will be for 2018.

What will his future be?
After this injury his career could be endangered because his 36 years after an injury will be difficult to recover and renew contract with Manchester United, also talk about a possible trip to the Galaxy Angeles.

Many fans of this Red Devils idol have witnessed his career as a footballer attending all games, buying their tickets online to be present in the stadiums where these games are held.

It is only to wait for the decision of the Swede and Manchester United to see if they renew or not his contract, Ibrahimovic has been a fundamental piece in this team and now it is for Mourihno that wants to take to the top to Manchester United and for that it needs the best players, starting with this one.

Despite his injury, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is enthusiastic as he has publicly said he wants the team to win the UEFA Europa League, to stay up and continue to get titles.

Ibrahimović’s Injury
The strong injury that now has the Swede was on April, 20 in the knee, so it is so delicate and requires many months of rest, which is why it is questioned that Manchester United renews its contract.

Whatever team Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in there will be many fans who will see him play when he recovers going to buy the tickets online, to support the Swedish on his return which we hope is soon and continue with the best of himself.

Manchester United is a big team in Europe, their trajectory has been very good so many are the players who want to belong to this team, and now more than José Mourihno is the coach and this year that just passed was excellent making him win several titles to the Red Devils.

Do not go without buying your tickets online, to enjoy this beautiful sport and this club that promises much now and in the future, Manchester United has a great fans that support and will continue to do it despite the difficulties, it is expected that Ibrahimović continues playing for the Red Devils and continues to contribute the best for his team.

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