Southampton vs. Manchester United. Game results and summary

These two teams are again in the Premier League, on May, 17 at The Friends Provident St. Mary’s Stadium where for many it was a much muted game for Manchester United and Southampton with a 0-0 match, many people attended to this game after buying their tickets online.

Both teams hope to continue climbing in the league and get the title of champions, only the best can win and in this game they were very off.

First half
It was a very boring game because there were no goals to celebrate, in minute 4 the referee says that Bailly played the ball out of the area and concede a penalty for Southampton that Romero stopped without much effort.

During all the time the goal was filled with shots that the goalkeepers stopped, it was very difficult for the two teams to make a goal that gave them more points in the league. Thousands of people attended this game by buying their tickets online.

Second half
In the second half is kept under the rhythm of the players as they had chances for goals, Romero and the other goalkeeper continue to cover balls in the bows and these become the stars of the game as they do not allow any ball to enter the goal, Manchester United has a great Argentine goalkeeper.

Mourihno makes several changes and the last is Fellini who enters for Ander Herrera trying to make a goal in the final minutes of the game, while for Manchester United continue the bad news as Fellini had a strong injury that day.

Match statistics
The match ended 0-0, being a very poor game for both teams that did not have clear chances of goal, Southampton had clearer chances than Manchester United but the goalkeeper of this team, Romero, demonstrated his skills in the field and did not allow any goal in his goal.

Talking about the statistics we can say that it was a calm game without many fouls or yellow cards and zero red cards, there was a failed penalty while possession of the ball was greater for Southampton with 56% and Manchester United with a 44 %.

On the other hand, there were hardly 3 corner shots, 7 saves, 3 out of place for Manchester United and 17 fouls between them.

This game was held on May, 17 at The Friends Provident St Mary’s Stadium at 2:15 p.m., attended by more than 31,425 spectators after buying their tickets online to support their favorite teams.

Manchester United had a downturn in the last games but we hope it can recover and be the ruthless ever with its Red Devils, which millions of people admire and attend their games when buying their tickets online. On the other hand, the Southampton also wants to continue winning games and to get up in the league to obtain the title.