Summary of the Premier League final

The Premier League has more than 125 years of history even if the false fans say that it has a little more than 20, England is the place where modern soccer originated that we know and has done more than the impossible to keep it through the times And generations over any problem, even wars. That is why this time we are going to give a brief summary of the last win for Chelsea and all the fans who decided to buy the tickets online and go to see the historic match of this year.

Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion
These teams had an encounter that left us the nerves of the tip to all, a first time without the goal and by little the second time was equal. On Friday, May 12 at The Hawthorns at 20:00 we were all anxious about what was going to happen, we hoped it was a thrashing from the beginning and although we did not know who was going to thrash who we expected something, but the Party was totally surprising for all, a definitive final one.

Goal Opportunities
This time Chelsea had more than five chances but West Bromwich Albion’s goalkeeper was very alert, whenever the team managed to almost perfectly structure the positions for the attack, the goalkeeper was the one that freed the West BA that The board would have thrown a red balance for them because the defense did not do much that we say, this end was a dose of suspense for each fanatic so poor of those who did not buy the tickets online nor went to the party.

Little offensive
It was Chelsea who had control of the ball, but in return the West B. A showed a lot of resistance in all ways against Chelsea, that is to say, it was not one of those matches where the tension was for the Attempts to attack one team towards the other but rather there was much tension because of that although Chelsea had the ball and failed to score goals in any way.

Almost without hope
With 80 minutes to go and nothing, the coach had a bundle up his sleeve and we think his hunch was the most successful for the moment although many criticize: a change 8 minutes before the end of the game, which was good was the Choice of the player, because we consider it all terrible to have to see or witness a change at the last minute when everything goes downhill.

At last the goal!
Possibly the goal of Michy Batshuayi was the strongest with the cries of fans throughout the season, this year never a goal has as long as the east and we think the expression of many was Yes it was worth buying the tickets online and Come here!

Let’s see what happens in the new season.

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