Get to know Chelsea Stadium

Located in London England, Stamford Bridge’s great stadium is the home of the “Blues” team named after its fans or known as Chelsea, in this stadium you have watched the most exciting Premier League matches, creating an endless emotions during each game played, so hurry up and buy your ticket online.

Clash of titans
London has witnessed powerful encounters, characterized by being unique, as they change and mark a life after each encounter, as the powerful footballers come to have games that are considered as unforgettable as Chelsea against Barcelona, ​​another was against Manchester United, Liverpool among other teams that leave everything on the field to win.

Name’s origin
The origin of this stadium name, dates back to the 18th century, when several maps showed a Stamford Creek, running along the railroad route that pass behind the East Stand flowing towards the River Thames. There were 2 Bridges: The Stamford Bridge on Fulham Road (Remembered as “The Little Chelsea Bridge”) and Stanbridge on King’s Road, now known as Stanley Bridge.

Both the Stamford Bridge and the Stanbridge in King’s were those who helped to carry the name of Stamford Bridge, in addition takes into account the battle that was in this place headed by King Harold Godwinson, being one of the most famous victories disputed in 1906 before the fall at the Battle of Hastings.

Stamford Bridge only had a team and is the blues team, officially opened on April 28th, 1877, would be a destination for the Fulham team, but this rejected the offer, shortly after Chelsea appeared, Stamford Bridge has a capacity for hosting nearly 42,000 spectators and is one of the most modern stages of the Premier League, making it incredible that initially was an Olympic stadium with limited capacity.

Blues achievements
The blues team has a UEFA Champions League title, played against Bayer Munich winning 4-3 on penalties, in 2013 they won the UEFA Europa League title against Benfica with a 2-1 scoring goals By Torres and Ivanovic, proving that Chelsea is the only English team that has won the European Cups at least once, it is noteworthy that they also achieved in the 2014-2015 season the Football League Cup becoming the Champion of the Premier League, among others achieved.

Accomplished dreams
Enjoying a game in this great stadium allows you to be part of this team, become one of them with each person that is in this place, this allows you to live emotions that not everyone can grasp, from the song of the fans, until the Chelsea anthem will transport you to a game that becomes unforgettable, this is what Stamford Bridge allows you to live, so do not miss it and buy the online tickets and be part of the “Blues” team. We wait for you.

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