Chelsea goalkeeper

The Blues goalkeeper, who is in charge of protecting the networks known as Thibaut Courtois, has had a good performance in the Premier League so far this season, preventing his goal falling by a streak of 30 games won, 3 tied and 5 lost, thus placing Chelsea at the top of the cup with a total of 93 points so far this season, that is why you should run and buy your tickets online.

Achievements by performance
By his good job protecting the Chelsea networks, the blue goalkeeper was awarded gold glove award, because thanks to his excellent labor he could keep 16 games played, getting to be the goalkeeper of the Premier with more games without being beaten by Frenchman Hugo Lloris of Tottenham, who conceded a goal this Sunday at KCOM Stadium and the other Thursday in the field of Leicester.

He feels comfortable
Despite emerging from a recent injury, he highlights being comfortable with the results obtained by his performance at Chelsea, ensures that his team reacts positively after losing his unbeaten streak in the Blues team against Tottenham, as they demonstrated a good performance by defeating the defending champion, “we have to keep winning our games, but we are in good time and things are going well, we have 8 points in advantage and the pressure is for the other teams and not for us”, Courtois pointed out.

Uncertain future
Although he has shown a good season, Couetois has not been told if he will continue to be part of the Blues or will go through the big door in search of a better future, as the Merengues team better known as Real Madrid is behind the Goalkeeper Blue and as the Chelsea team is very aware of this claim seeks to shield one of its most prized stars, representatives of the London club have met with the player’s agent to try to give a solution and see the relevant agreement. According to Telegrapt: “The offer is to extend the contract until June 2019 with an increase to 175 thousand euros per week to the equivalent of 8.5 million per year”.

Red and White Cheers
“Thanks athletic for remembering me in the last official match of the team in his stadium, I will never forget Vicente Calderón,” he wrote on Monday in the social network, the goalkeeper of the blues does not forget his years as red and white and that’s why he wanted to thank Atletico Madrid and its supporters for remembering that on May 21, his release from Vicente Calderón would be for the history of the club, in his stay for the Colchoneros team, he achieved a Copa del Rey of 2013 and La Liga of 2014.

I see myself in Chelsea
The Blues goalkeeper says he will continue to compete in the English league claiming that “I see myself in Chelsea; I do not see myself anywhere else”, despite the fact that the Merengues team are behind the Chelsea goalkeeper, he says he is a key player for the blue house, with great achievements and goals ahead, there will be Couetois for a while that come new expectations in the next matches as it will be the game against arsenal on the next date, he will be firm to leave the networks at zero, buy your ticket online and be part of this passion for football.

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