Sergio Ramos: The Real Madrid’s defender that attacks the most

Real Madrid is undoubtedly one of the best clubs in the world of greatest renown in the field of football, recognized not only by the players who have gone through this club from its beginnings to the present but by the amount of trophies and titles they have in their assets.

This great club of Real Madrid has had a greater influence in the signings of all their trajectory by where they have passed important players of world-wide size that have made the difference in this club.

We cannot leave aside the fans, which dazzles us with their strong support in every match where Real Madrid participates and even more when they play in the Santiago Bernabéu, home of Real Madrid and one of the biggest fans of the Spanish League, the biggest group of fans in Europe football world, this is reflected by the increased demand in sales of tickets online before each game of Real Madrid.

The online transmission is also visible and the percentage is much higher than the number of fans attending a live Real Madrid game since not all fans of this great club can attend for some reasons or simply they cannot afford an entrance ticket, however, by online transmission you can see the real Madrid games and in that way do not miss any details of it.

The best defense of all time
As we mentioned before, Real Madrid has had brilliant and exceptional players who have shone in the field, in this sense we will talk about Sergio Ramos García, born in Camas, province of Sevilla, Spain on March 30, 1986, is a Spanish footballer currently playing with the Real Madrid club.

He is an internationally recognized player not only because he is part of the Real Madrid club but because it is the best and strongest defense that has had the Madrid since his signing in 2005, his impressive work as a defense in the field is certainly indescribable, Sergio Ramos before being signed up by Real Madrid debuted to the 17 years of age in the Seville FC team that saw his great talent not only as a player but as a defender.

Physically unstoppable
Sergio Ramos or better known by many of his followers as the “tarzan de Camas” has participated with Madrid in countless numbers of competitions both national and international, Supercopa, the League, Champions League and Copa del Rey, also plays and is the captain of the National team of Spain, is a player of great power and courage and is defined by his great strength at the moment of defending.

This player not only performs his role as a defender but sometimes does his job as a side impressing the whole Real Madrid, he is the most complete and developed player that has Real Madrid and that always contribute positively while remaining in the club, his work as a defender is impressive and every time he applies his great and impressive plays, making the Bernabéu shake in every game.

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