Players who have had the number 10 jersey in Real Madrid

For the Spanish team Real Madrid have gone great players who have had the number 10 on their jersey, some have enhanced what it means to carry that number, and others just have had to have it. Fans have seen every player who has been through the club visiting the stadium and buying the tickets online from the official website.

Quality players, others not. Some have made a difference, others have not. Usually the player who carries the number 10 on his back in any club in the world is because they know what it means, for the game’s own style of the set.

Luis Figo, the Portuguese, who wore the number 10 for 5 consecutive seasons, from 2000 to 2005, was in the era of the Galacticos, the time Real Madrid had a special game, high level players that showed the fans a different game style and that was concreted in titles. Also great player for the Portugal selection, the former player will always be remembered for his unique style of treating the ball.

Ferenc Puskás, the former Galactic player who also wore the back 10 of the merengue box. Great player, world-class one of the best. He was at Real Madrid from 1958 to 1956. He is remembered for having a prodigious left-handed, with an unequaled shot. He was a great player of the white team that gave many titles to his club.

Clarece Seedord, the Dutch midfielder who also shone in the Real Madrid team in the years 1996 to 2000. Unique with the game vision, necessary to materialize the triumphs in titles. A 10 of height that dazzled in the field and took Real Madrid to win many cups.

Lassana Diarra, this former Real Madrid player, was between 2009 and 2011, he wore the number 10 curiously because there were no other numbers available. Diarra, is one more player of containment, more defensive than offensive.

Robinho, the Brazilian player who passed through Real Madrid between 2005 and 2008. A player who was not up to the club and much less of the back 10. His stay in the white set was short, and was more on the bench. He did not have good campaigns, and his game was more of tip than a 10. As well as Wesley Sneijder, the Dutchman who was also unsuccessful in his campaign 2008 – 2009 wearing the jersey number 10.

Mesut Özil, one of the last players to wear the 10 on his back. The German has good experiences at Real Madrid, a unique style and gave a clear game to the team. He had the number 10 from 2011 to 2013.

James Rodriguez, the Colombian who currently has 10 on his back, this season did not go well. He arrived with many expectations, which were not fulfilled. So much that it is said that it will leave the club at the end of the season.
All these players have gone through Real Madrid, and fans have seen them at the Santiago Bernabeu when buying tickets online and enjoying the unique game of the white club.

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