FC Barcelona wants the Spanish side from Arsenal


It is inevitable that today football teams, players, coaches, referees and other characters in football move for money. For many years already football is perhaps one of the largest companies in the world and many struggle to be protagonists there. As long as FC Barcelona and all the other teams give us fun and passion for the sport, there will be no problem for them to do their business, as we will also continue in ours by buying tickets online and going to the stadiums to enjoy.

Héctor Bellerín

He is a Spanish player who since childhood began to forge his football career and is now when that begins to bear fruit. All his childhood and part of his adolescence was prepared in Spain with the FC Barcelona until arriving at the young categories, but by some strange reason he decided to go to the Arsenal to the inferior categories in September of the year 2013 (when it would be approximately 16 years), later he took another decision two months later and played for Watford FC until the end of the year, and in January 2014 returned to play for Arsenal and that has not changed until now.

International Player

With everything we read up there is clear that Hector Bellerin is an international player, we do not know what the reasons for him to decide to be part of English football because perhaps could drive a dream or simply the influence of his family, colleagues or superiors in football. Now, why did FC Barcelona put its eye on its compatriot? …

Side fishing

The Barca team wants and above all needs sides, we know that on the left side Sead Kolasinac is the one who has drawn attention in the FC Barcelona football news but now there is another side on the other side of the field, and it is about Hector Bellerín, which tells us that one of the main reinforcements that Barca wants to do are the sides of the field to appear before the world as an impenetrable team.

Good prices

FC Barcelona is willing to pay a little over 35 million euros for Bellerin, a price too reasonable compared to what Paris Saint-Germain was negotiating for Marco Verrati (100 million euros) on the one hand, we understand that there are good players but this is not the best economic moment of FC Barcelona so the best decision is what is being taken with the sides and other players.

And just as FC Barcelona is in this whole shopping spree to remain one of the best teams in the world, we must also start saving and planning to buy tickets online just before the season starts, especially if we have to travel from one country to another to watch our team play alone or in company.

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