FC Barcelona youth academy “La Masía”


The reserve of young players is something like the trunk of the promises or a kind of cards under the sleeve that FC Barcelona has to improve the team in future years through the different lower categories that will then go to “La Masía”, based on that there are certain characters who are the most named, or at least, those who expect great performances.

We cannot talk about what the characters that will go to “La Masía” youth academy can achieve later, because that is something that only time will tell, but in the meantime we can buy tickets online and not miss any game to see who starts to appear with dominion and character.


Two of the characters that will begin to appear in La Masía are goalkeepers Lazar Carevic and Josep Martines, the first of them decided to opt for the team of their land FC Barcelona because even since his 16 years other European teams were putting him the eye and Josep actually never had another offer but unlike Lazar has had a little more advantage in the games he has participated. We do not know if later these two young goalkeepers make history at FC Barcelona, ​​but there is talent there.


Here we will talk about only one character, a young man also, Russian nationality but who since childhood has lived in Spain and his preparation has been all the time for FC Barcelona. His agility in the field has made other clubs take very seriously the movements of his feet, so far he has participated in Youth B and is already decided that he will play in Youth A. It is Roman Tugarinov and agrees very well with the “Harvest of 99”, while we see that the boy continues to support the official team with tickets online.


The name that is playing for this important position is the name of Andy Villar, for the month of May he had played 10 games as a starter, thing that has been increasing in recent months, and FC Barcelona has chosen him for the great work in the team that Villar can play, because if we compare it with the particular performance of Roman Tugarinov there is not much to say, but in the end always that is what stands out of the central and not precisely the defenses. Let’s hope Villar and the others are prepared not only to do their job on the field but also to support changes in the portfolio of coaches, as well as there is new defense, there are new coaches.

There are other spaces on the field to cover, but we are few fans who really care about this kind of changes, as we mentioned at the beginning only the time is the one that will tell if any of these players become big in world football and to know that will always decide to buy tickets online and go to the stadiums.

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