Leonel Messi writes the history of FC Barcelona


European football has hundreds of years running and different generations have made all those years of excitement, passion, fun and joy for all of us as fans. Some of them came to know Jose Samitier, others to Ronald Koeman, others to Josep Guardiola in his time as a midfielder, others to Ronaldinho and us to Leo Messi … Who is the best? That is defined by everyone, but something that really sets the difference is the fact that today we can buy tickets online thanks to this modern time of Leo Messi and not to Samitier, for example.


It would have been great if Leo Messi started his story in 2000, but 3 years later is not bad either. FC Barcelona won the League and next year the UEFA Champions League, were not the brightest years of the club but nevertheless Messi made great performances and learned a lot, something that he used in:


One of the golden seasons of FC Barcelona thanks to the performance of Leo Messi during 2008 to 2012, being for the moment Pep Guardiola as coach. During these years the FC Barcelona of 18 titles crowned 14, which marked a before and after for both the team and the entire world, because for anyone is not a secret that before this, FC Barcelona was not very good.

It must be clarified that Leo Messi has been making exceptional appearances since 2004, not counting all the faces with an expression of astonishment that generated since he entered the youth academy both because of its size and talent, but the first great moment for the team were those years.


Another of the glorious seasons of FC Barcelona recent that have impacted until today are the season 2014-2015, already without Pep Guardiola but rather with Luis Enrique but continuing in the line of the history that until today writes Leo Messi.

During those years the King’s Cup, the Champions League, the Spanish League, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup once again belonged to FC Barcelona, ​​and although it should not be denied that the team’s overall work influenced for these victories, the plays of Leo Messi in individual (and in collective with Neymar and Suarez) were decisive to obtain the prizes.

The three musketeers we talked to were already forming as MSN, but with precision, it was up to these years that they could formally join their talent to give us the best feeling as fans, and the greatest satisfaction when we buy tickets online and go to each stadium to see amazing plays.




A season that is still being written, and to which we must remain faithful buying the tickets online because we do not know how much can happen during this time, what is more than clear is that it is a good history.

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