The Best FC Barcelona matches in 2017


The F.C. Barcelona is one of the teams that attracts most fans and has a keen interest to buy tickets online for each of their matches, whether in the league, classics, the Catalan derby, or any game, as promises a feat of the hand of Lio Messi as its main star.

Here, a summary of the best and most exciting matches of Barcelona so far this year.

In February, against Atletico Madrid for King’s Cup winning 2-1: In the month of February faced against another great, Atletico of Madrid, for semifinals of the King’s Cup. The Colchoneros also looked for their pass to the final in the Vicente Calderón, but by a minimal difference, they did not manage to defeat to the Catalan set.

This game was a war on the field. The first part was a show favoring Barça. Starting the game, only to the 6 ‘came the first goal for Barca after a shot by Uruguayan Suarez.

For the 33 ‘, the score was 2-0 thanks to a powerful shot by Messi, who as always, took the opportunity to shine on the ground and secure his team.

The Colchoneros reacted for the second half. In 59 ‘, Antoine Griezmann adds the first and only goal of Atlético. This is how the game is defined and Barcelona goes to the finals.

The most miraculous match: the comeback against PSG in March: Paris Saint-Germain had beaten Barcelona 4-0 in the first leg of the Champions League. This result was devastating for the Catalan team and was almost impossible to achieve a comeback by 5 goals to PSG.

All to the expectation. It seemed that the bets favored the PSG due to the difference of goals that the Barca needed and by the last 4-0.

However, the impossible happened. At 3 ‘came the first goal from Barca, with an annotated Luis Suarez, opening the 1-0. With a self-goal by Zurkawa, yes, an own goal, they won 2-0. They were adding! It was what they needed. Lionel Messi does his own and scores the third in 49 ‘. Now, it was 3-0.

Keeping the hope that became a little cloudy when they reached the 69 ‘Cavani scores for PSG, changing the score 3-1, making it bigger the difference of goals that they had to win to qualify.

As time went by, everything seemed lost, but Neymar appeared and saved the day.

He scored two penalty goals at 87 ‘and 89’. Now the scoreboard was 5-1! Even so, they did not qualify for the difference of goals. The referee added time before finishing, and the Catalans would take advantage. Sergi Roberto scored the desired sixth goal of the Barca in 94 ‘after a great pass from Neymar. With the unimaginable 6-1 of the match, Barcelona managed to qualify.

An unforgettable match for history: There is no doubt that the F.C. Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world. His fans ratify and sponsor him by enthusiastically buying tickets online for each game, as they know they will not be disappointed.

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