The experience of visiting the Camp Nou, Barcelona’s stadium


Known as one of the most expectant stadiums in Spain, the Camp Nou is home to the greatest team, characterized by being specialists in team plays as individuals, possessing great stars to football legends, this team is known as Barcelona FC. Buy your tickets online and feel the passion Blaugrana.

It does not matter if you are a football fan or not, if you are trying to experience this stadium and feel inside that barça is really “more than a club”, in this stadium you can relive and know the history of the club as well as the passage through the museum, which never ceases to amaze, because of the number of trophies and cups.

Some history

The need to build this stadium dates back to the early 1950s, with the emergence of football in Spain and the arrival in 1951 of Ladislao Kubala, despite the fact that the old stadium “Camp de Les Cort” had a capacity of 60,000 people, it was wanted to build another with the capacity of 90,000 people, to give entrance to all the fans who wanted to attend the games, which is considered as one of the largest in the world.


It opened in September 24, 1957, in which a series of commemorative events and a football match were inaugurated, a friendly between Barcelona and Legia Warsaw, which concludes with a 4-2 win in favor of the locals and in their first official match against Real Jaen they obtained a total score of 6-1 in favor of the premises that was disputed in October, 06, 1957.

Stadium’s name

At first it was foreseen that the new stadium was named after the founder of the club, Joan Gamper, but it was not possible for the authorities of the time and the directive for a better name, which was: “Barcelona Football Club Stadium”, Nevertheless known as the Camp Nou stadium, by the old stadium, President Enric Llaudet, eight years later he achieves it through a consultation to vote for the proposals, this last continuous being the most recognized denomination between the press and fans. For that reason in 2001 the president Joan Gaspart summoned to good consultation between partners in which on this occasion they decided to make the official name of Camp Nou.

Important sporting event venues

In addition to being scene of all the local games of the first team of FC Barcelona; the Camp Nou has been the scene of various events, both sports, social and cultural, we will concentrate on the football which were:

Football Eurocup

The Camp Nou and the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, are one of the Spanish states where the final phase of the Euro Cup in 1964 was played, Camp Nou hosted a total of two matches, a semifinal and the match for the third and fourth Market Stall.

World Cups

On the occasion of the Soccer World Cup 1982 welcomed several teams and the first to play was Argentina-Belgium, in the quarter-finals was the headquarters of group one and finally one of the two games of the semifinals between Italy and Poland in which won the Poland selection 2-0.

Other activities

This stadium has also hosted Olympic games, European finals, Spanish Cup finals, Spanish football team matches, Catalan football team matches, charity and homage parties, for this and more this stadium has a myriad of stories that motivate you to be part of this team and as the motto “més que un club” says, it starts from the same one when buying your ticket online.

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