Gigi Buffon has already decided when his retirement will be Juventus player


Juventus played their ninth UEFA Champions League final this year, but failed to beat Real Madrid led by Zinedine Zidane; however, the fans of Vectora Signora have shown their unconditional support by always buying tickets online to encourage their club, one of the largest football soccer soccer teams in the world.

The ‘Great Gigi Buffon’: the sentimental winner

Although this season that just ended was the great opportunity for Buffon to lift the cup of the Champions League, Real Madrid was the obstacle that did not let fans of Juventus and football soccer, in general, how the eternal goalkeeper of the club Blanquinegro lifted the title of the champions.

It seems that Gigi is the sentimental winner of these Champions.

Fans or not of the Juventus, the majority agreed that Buffon should have won this final, because it is the only title that has not been able to raise this soccer player world-wide champion.

The announced retirement

It had long been said that at the end of the 2016/17 season Buffon would definitely retire from Juventus and everything that has to do with football soccer, hence the great motivation to win the Champions since this was supposed to be His last chance.

Buffon already has 39 years old and, like his teammate Francesco Totti, who did announce his retirement from Rome right now in June; it is time to leave Juventus.

On the other hand, it was said that they would not be called to the 2018 World Cup due to the age of the Italians.

Definitely going in 2018

He was in 5 World Cups and was the best goalkeeper in the world in Germany 2006, where his selection was champion for the fourth time. With Juventus, he played 22 seasons and won 17 national championships, among which the eight times he won the Series A.

This year was great for Gigi; was almost undefeated throughout the Champions League until in the Cardiff final Real Madrid managed to score four goals at his door.

After this result, a few days later, the captain of Juventus announced that he would play one more season. It will be retired in 2018, after the 2017/18 season and after the World Cup finals.

This, to give confidence and experience to your club and your selection, and looking for a last chance to go for ‘the ear’.

There is no doubt that next season will be great, because we will see Gigi give everything to achieve the Champions.

Already, in the summer of signings, Juventus is strengthening its squad and preparing for a last battle in which will have Gigi Buffon.

The entire fan is very optimistic to support the Bianconeri club and get their eternal captain finally lift this award. The purchase of the tickets online will not wait and Juventus promises a high season!

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