Ever Banega inter of Milan wants to return to Sevilla


The purchase of tickets online for the new season is coming, as well as the final signings with which each club will count; among these signings are the rumors that have been running about the future of Ever Banega at Inter Milan and his possible return to Sevilla.

The Argentine midfielder

Ever Banega is a 29-year-old midfielder born in Argentina. In Europe, he has played for Valencia, Atlético de Madrid, and Sevilla; this last season had it with the Inter of Milan.

In January of 2015, it initiated in the Seville, club to which it was transferred by only 2 million euros plus another amount by clauses of contract. That year he lifted the UEFA Europa League with Sevilla.

The two seasons of Ever with Sevilla were very successful for the player so it has been rumored about his desire to return this summer to the Spanish club.

Return agreement

A few weeks ago, a meeting was held between Banega’s agent Marcelo Simonián and some Inter officials to agree on how the Argentine midfielder would return to the Sevilla squad.

The sum requested by Inter to accept the departure of Banega would be for about 10 million euros. The club should also pay the player 3 million a year and sign a contract for two seasons.

Espanyol, Paris Saint-Germain and some Chinese clubs have expressed their desire to sign the Argentine player. However, he does not know what his offer to inter.

What is certain is that Inter Milan had no plans to let it go, at least not this season. The Sports Director of the club, P. Ausilio, had said, in previous months, that they had the desired template, that Banega was a very important player for them and that they would not let him leave.

Banega wants to return with the club Nervión.

Before ending the season, Banega expressed that his desire was not to continue playing in Italy, but to return to Spain, with the Seville.

Nothing had materialized, but a few days ago, his agent reported that Inter had agreed to let the Argentine go to Sevilla for a figure of 9 million euros. The annual payment to be made to the player is not yet defined, but in the next few days, they will have the answer.

For now, the midfielder has been on vacation with his family to take advantage of the rest days and promptly start training, now with Sevilla, for the new season.

Apparently, the return of the young man with the Sevillians is more out of desire than by plans of the directors of the Italian club.

Already soon, the new season will begin, and Inter Milan will continue to prepare to be among the best in Italy and Europe. Also comes the purchase of tickets online that many fans look forward to get the best positions and the best deals.

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