Chelsea return to the Champions League


Thanks to victories played by the Blues team in what was last season the team of Antonio Conde managed to move to the UEFA Champions League after a few seasons outside Chelsea tried to be the next owner of the Orejona, buy your Ticket online.

With all games played, the standings have been fair with each of the teams, culminating what was the most exciting European league this season and one of Conde’s goals came true, leading Chelsea to the championship of the Premier League after beating the Sunderland team 5 goals for 1 considered a comfortable victory.

With all the games played, the standings have been fair with each of the teams, rewarding with European competitions those who had the best performance during the 38 dates played in the last season.

Go to the Champions League

In this way, the team of Stamford Bridge known as the Blues, are classified as group heads in the following edition of the UEFA Champions League, in addition to participating in the Community Shield, an encounter that is disputed between champions of the League with the one of the FA Cup.

Team Positions

In second place is the Tottenham Hotspur team, followed by the Manchester City team, both teams were also able to qualify directly for the most important club tournament in the world. With the arrival of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool FC had a huge football growth Superior to other years, which was reflected in the fourth position and that fought the rematch to enter the Champions League.

Two steps down and with 69 points in total is the Manchester United has classified the Europa League, however, has the opportunity to place in the Champions League will win the final of the Europa League showdown that will have to fight it against Ajax.

Nevertheless, it is not all glory at Premier League as three teams lost their category and will be passed to the second division, Hull City with 34 points, Middlesbrough with 28 points and Sunderland with only 24 points, which did not achieve the necessary results and the misfortune fell on them.

Opportunities in which the blues team did not advance in the Champions

In the 2014 season the Blues team fell to Atletico de Madrid three goals by one, the only goal scored by the blue team was by Fernando Torres, at that time Jose Mourinho was his coach and could not achieve the team’s progress Even though I use the pieces I had (Lampard, Obi Mikel).

In the 2015 season also did not have the opportunity to participate since it was eliminated in this competition in the phase of groups specifically and the eighth of end against the Paris Saint Germain. Although they had the same amount of goals did not advance because the goals of the Rivals were worth twice as much, within the next season 2016 was eliminated again by a team of Paris having a global of 4 goals by 2. In this new season, the equipment of the blues tried to obtain the prized ear and return to the times of glory, Enjoy life when you buy a ticket online.

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