The History of Chelsea


The team Chelsea F.C. Is more than 100 years old, founded in 1905, a football club, established in the district of Hammersmith and Fulham, to the west of London, in England, the Chelsea F.C. Quickly gained reputation and fame, by the signature of players of international reputation, and by attracting a great multitude of followers.

Chelsea FC Disputed thirty of its first forty seasons, the closest thing that the club was to obtain a trophy important in those times was when proclaimed runner-up of the FA CUP in the year of 1915, although in the following four decades the Chelsea FC, was eliminated In the semifinals.

In those times of career, the fans of Chelsea FC did not have the necessary technology, much less had the great choice of online clubs, which currently join and join, every moment, many Chelsea fans, therefore There was no possibility to buy the tickets through the web or the fan clubs.

Rebirth of Chelsea F.C.

There was a renaissance in the club, between 96 and 2000, when Gullit and Gianluca Vialli, arrived at Chelsea. Thanks to them, the club managed to win several championships among them, The FA CUP in 97 and in 2000, in addition, Football League Cup and the cup of Europe; in addition, Chelsea for the first time achieved the classification to the Champions League of the UEFA.

In 2003 Chelsea FC was bought by Russian billionaire Román Abramóvich, which led to a successful path to the club, joining coach Mourinho in the seasons 2004 and 2005, where he won with Chelsea a bi-Campeonato, two FA CUP, and a Football League Cups in three years with Chelsea.

In addition to having achieved, the sixth FA Cup and his third league title, in the 2009 season under the tutelage of Carlo Ancelotti, without these were some of the best times that had Chelsea F.C. In all its history.

The majestic Chelsea FC Stamford Bridge.

The Stamford Bridge is the stadium of Chelsea FC, where the team has played since its foundation, during the first three decades of its existence by the London Athletics Club, as a field for their athletic meetings and not for football.

Many club fans, to not only see the games played, visit this majestic Chelsea sports stadium. In addition, to see the internal facilities of the Stamford Bridge, as fans enter, an online fan club, you can find out the most relevant news Chelsea FC

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