Community Shield Final Chelsea Vs Arsenal, August 6


Chelsea FC Current champion of the premier league of England is expecting a tough confrontation with rival Arsenal, current FA Cup champion, two clubs that play in the top competition of their country, they play the final in a match that is disputed for the cup Community Shield.

Chelsea FC And the `Arsenal played for the last time in this same scenario for the FA Cup final last May, the result in favor was for the arsenal: 2-1, against the Blues, this time Chelsea FC, want to change history, It is for this reason that Conte must apply a system that allows him to obtain a good result.

The fans of Chelsea FC are waiting for this great game of the final of Community Shield, played at Wembley England, after a long and excellent day that Chelsea had many of the fans, and want to buy tickets online, and Keep up on every game of Chelsea FC

Community Shield of England

The Football Association Community Shield or formerly known as Charity Shield is a trophy that is held annually in England, is held at the beginning of each campaign traditionally at the Wembley sports stadium and are faced by the champion of the premier league against the champion of the FA Cup.

Palmares Obtained By Chelsea F.C., From Charity / Community Shield

Chelsea FC Has accumulated a number of trophies he has achieved during his career, in national tournaments have accumulated a total of four Community Shield Cups, one in the season of 1955, the other in the season of 2000 and the last two, was in 2005.

Chelsea defeated the Arsenal 2-1, and the last one obtained in 2009, after defeating via Manchester United penalties, with these four titles obtained, the arsenal away from Chelsea FC, with a wide Advantage of 14 Community Shield titles, is the third club with more Palmares obtained in this competition.

How Chelsea FC fans prepare for the final match of Community Shieldres

Fans of Chelsea F.C. Have shared moments and unforgettable experiences with the club, their unconditional support to each of their players is evident, Chelsea has one of the greatest hobbies and supporters in both England and Europe

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