Monaco vs Juventus. Match report


Monaco (France) and Juventus (Italy) are one of the biggest clubs in their country in both France and Italy. These two clubs have an innumerable number of fans, this reason makes that in the matches where they play, Monaco and Juventus always exists a great amount of fans who opt to buy their tickets online.

The last match between Monaco vs Juventus was played last May, 9th for the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals and would be played at Juventus Stadium. Juventus would arrive with a 2-0 lead in the first leg where they played as a visitor, while Monaco came convinced of a possible comeback in Turin.

Monaco vs Juventus, (1-2) 05/09/17:

The result of the match would be 2-1 in favor of Juve, reaching a global of 4-1, with this result Juventus became the first classified to the Champions final and only had to wait for a winner between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

The main figures of Juventus both this tie and the match would be Gonzalo “pipita” Higuain, Juan Cuadrado, Paulo Dybala and a grown up Dani Alves, while Monaco would face Mbappé and Radamel Falcao.

Match Summary:

The main favorite to win was Juventus as hardly a club that achieved a 2-0 as a visitor is left out in the match as a local. The game began and who took the initiative was the Monaco that surprised the Juve since the game started very plugged reaching up to 5 times in 7 minutes.

After several chances of goal for both teams, the first goal of the match would reach the 32nd minute through the Croatian Mandzukic after a great attendance of Dani Alves. After the goal, Juventus would take full control of the game against a weak Monaco.

In the 43 ‘minute would appear the remarkable Dani Alves to put the 2-0 and practically sentence the tie putting a 4-0 overall. After a complete domination of the “vechia senniora” everything would remain the same until the minute 68 ‘when Mbappé would make the goal of the honor for the Monaco and leave the 2-1 that in the long it would be the definitive result.

Juventus would end up with the qualification to the final in Cardiff, and it would do before its public of Turin in the Juventus Stadium. The attendance of this game was around 40,000 spectators, and the percentage of tickets bought online by fans would be of approximately 85%.

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