Summary of the last match between Tottenham vs Swansea


Tottenham keeps alive his ambitions of the Premier League championship, three goals in the final minutes of the match gave an interesting victory to Tottenham’s team on the Swansea team (1-3), which holds the fight for the Premier League, if you want to see the next matches do not stop buying tickets online.

Dele Alli, in the 88th minute, Son Heung-min in the 91st minute and Cristian Ericksen in 94, made the team Tottenham imminent, canceling this way the goal given by Wayne Routledge and avoided it would have been the surprise in this day of the Premier League.

Game Summary

Routledge, the former Tottenham player, was in charge of placing the Welshmen ahead of the game in the 11th minute, but the North London players had to leave the starting position of the game 3 -4-3 and formed at the Liberty Stadium another tactic of game using the position of 4-2-3-1, they accused numerous absences and suffered in the first half in spite of the changes given by the technical director.

The swans were happy to have the position of the ball, it was dominant during the majority of the game, but a number of plays and arrivals to the rival field prevented to retake while the visiting team was accumulating more frustration by the momentary defeat.

It was not until the final moments of the match, when everything pointed to a very reassuring local victory, after Tottenham made such a spectacular comeback and thus managed to take the three points, “There”, with two minutes to go the regular time, collected a rebound that gives to hit the second club of the local team and places the round at the bottom of the net achieving in this way his goal number 15 of in the league and manages to give a breath of encouragement to his own but the Tottenham team wanted to win.

The Korean “Son” was responsible for turning the game in the 91 minutes, after taking advantage of a magnificent attendance by the player Janssen and overcome in this way Fabianski at the start and there would still be time for more, since Eriksen had a thirst for goal, certifying the victory in the fourth minute of lengthening to keep the Pochettino in the fight for the title.

For the Swansea team is a defeat that can bring consequences, as they now fall into the downhill zone with seven games without playing, bearing in mind that the home team was punished for having stayed with the ball twice in the first four minutes when the Spurs broke at full speed.

Positions in the Table

With eight games remaining in the Premier League, the Spurs’ team are second in the standings with 65 points, seven behind leaders Chelsea, who on Wednesday defeated Stanford Bridge at Manchester City 2 goals per 1; do not stop buying your ticket online.

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