The best encounters of Tottenham of the season 2016/17


This season was great for Tottenham despite not being able to lift the title of champion of the Premier League; is already starting the new season and all eyes are on the Pochettino set as one of England’s favorites. Ready to buy tickets online? Do not wait any longer!

Here we bring you a summary of the three best games of the spurs of last season, facing the new dates that are already very close.

At Watford FC on January 1

For this date, Day 19 of the Premier, the spur team would visit Watford FC looking to keep adding points and to step on the heels of, at that time unbeaten, Chelsea de Conte.

The match culminated 4 -1 with doubled off for strikers Harry Kane in minutes 27 and 33 and Delle Alli in minutes 41 and 46.

Watford added a goal thanks to Younes Kaboul and ended the match in 90 ‘.

His toughest rival during the season: Chelsea

Three days after the victory against Watford as a visitor, faces were seen at White Hart Lane to battle for the leadership of the English table; everything could happen. Antonio Conte’s Chelsea was unbeaten after 13 straight games, now he was going for more.

Pochettino looked for the points that brought him closer to the title and for that he used his typical formation 3,4,2,1. His so acclaimed defense, with Aldelweireld, Jan Vartoghen, Walker and Rose would be the fulminant point to defeat the blues.

And of course, Dele Alli and Harry Kane would do their usual job to win the blue team 2-0. It would be a double of the young striker Alli that would give such great satisfaction to the Spurs. At 45 ‘and then at 54’.

Chelsea could not do anything to a Tottenham that gave the fight and it looked its powerful template.

For the next dates would get a tie to 2 against Manchester City; drop 2-0 to Liverpool and beat Stoke City 4-0.

Then he would win 3-2 at Everton, 2-1 at Southampton, 2-0 at Burnley FC, 3-1 at Swansea City, 4-0 at Watford, 4-0 at Bournemouth, 1-0 at Crystal Palace, 2-0 to Arsenal and would fall as a visitor to West Ham by the slightest difference.

He faces Manchester from Mourinho

For the day 37 would face United led by Jose Mourinho where Victor Wanyama would open the scoring in favor of the spurs in 6 ‘. Harry Kane would give the second of the win in 48 ‘, with a heel after a Christian Eriksen pass.

United scored in the 70th thanks to Wayne Rooney.

The last two games he would have left would be against Leicester and Hull City, beating both 6-1 and 7-1 respectively.

Spectacular numbers for Tottenham; however, and Chelsea had already taken advantage and managed to win the Premier by difference of points even when they were left to play.

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