Florentino Pérez plans a new addition for Real Madrid


All European football teams have signed players who have been interested and trust that they can provide their different clubs with alternatives to win cups in the coming seasons. Florentino Perez president of Real Madrid has some plans for the same purpose and already has in mind what would be these new additions. To follow the excitement of the best football in the world, we invite you to buy tickets online.

The Real Madrid team is very interested in players Mbappe, Hazard and Davison Sánchez.

In the case of player Kylian Mbappé, Real Madrid has moved negotiations with the transfer of Moranta to Chelsea. Florentino Pérez has not cared to advance the deadlines in the strategy to give rise to the hiring of Mbappé. Perez has decided not to wait until the last days of August to sell to Moranta and get into negotiation for the French striker.

Real Madrid to all these has given a clear message to the team of Monaco, that it has to pay a good negotiation including the highest that one could think. Only thing is missing.

On the other hand another sign that wants Real Madrid is the one of Eden Hazard, means that the meringue team of Florentino Perez, look for to negotiate with Chelsea to redesign its staff for the next season 2017-2018. Goalkeeper Thibaud Courtois and media player Hazard, the two Belgians and key players in the set of Antonio Conte, are in the plans of the president of Real Madrid although the goalkeeper self-released

As for Hazard, Real Madrid believes his strategy can bear fruit and hence he has contacted the Belgian, that although the merengue box has the BBC with Bale, Benzema and Cristiano the oncena thinks that would fit very well with them.

The Madrid and Davinson Sánchez

The month of August is already happening and the transfer market is in its last weeks and many teams are looking for the players that fit in their templates Real Madrid still exist the expectations on the possible signings or exits. A Dutch newspaper reported that the Merengue set is preparing an offer for Sánchez, central Ajax.

The Colombian footballer sounded a while for Barça, however, according to the Dutch newspaper the Madrid team and Chelsea are all playing for signing the central defender. It is worth mentioning that given this contract between the white team and the Colombian will not be anything economic, because Ajax previously rejected a bid of 40 million offered by Tottenham. It is clear that the Amsterdam team does not want to sell, but the player wants to change the air, so the team knows that at some point Sánchez will leave.

Each and every one of these are strategy that has Florentino Perez for Real Madrid because he wants to strengthen the team for the future.

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