Meet the new uniforms of Real Madrid



For all important football teams, it is essential to have an excellent uniform that identifies them with the club, since it directly creates a player-t-shirt sentimental bond and gets an inspiration to defend it first and Real Madrid for this season he already has his uniforms ready galas. Follow the excitement of football when you buy tickets online.

Adidas Football and Real Madrid announce their new club uniforms for the 2017 and 2018 season dedicated as inspiration to their Madrid fans.

The new local shirt is designed to unite players and fans of Real Madrid, where Adidas has launched a flannel more appropriate for the streets of Madrid and Bernabéu. The well-known sports brand introduced the sky blue in the stripes and details of mark, inspired in the sky of Madrid like a representation between the club and the city.

Uniform details

As it is characteristic the white color of Real Madrid is more prominent, due to a new design of stripes that cuts in the shoulders of who uses it. A commemorative stamp on the bottom of the t-shirt for your club anniversary 155.

The new Real Madrid uniform as a visitor is similar to the previous black shirts of the merengue set, where the club has used the dark color in its most successful moments. The uniform follows the uniform theme as a local with a new color cut, but now with turquoise stripes. The Madrid team’s logo is reinvented in turquoise green with an effect that makes it stand out from the black.

 Adidas Football for the manufacture of these uniforms use the latest in technology, to achieve a better comfort to the athlete. The technology used for these uniforms of Real Madrid is known as Climacool, which is a technology that allows players to be cooler and thus their performance is better, the uniform is made with a new fabric that is softer and therefore more comfortable for the players in the field and the hobby in the city.

With this new uniform Real Madrid team will defend the titles of Spain and Europe, and will seek to endorse the center of the Club World Cup. It is of importance to emphasize that, the new jersey has in the upper right the patch that credits them as World Champions of Clubs 2016, while another lot will be available with the patch of the 12 Champions.

Adidas Football Climacool Technology Real Madrid has a value of 90 euros in the official stores of the club and if the fan wants it with the number of number and name will have to cancel the sum of 106 euros.

The German brand Adidas

This company originally was called Gebruder Dassler Shuhfabrik, was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler at the beginning of 1920 in Germany, company that would guide along with his brother Rudolf Dassler. These made sneakers and slippers as well as shoes with nails for athletes. As a curious fact the name of the brand derives from the nickname of one of the owners “Adi” with the first letters of his surname Dassler (Adidas), live your passion for the sport king when going to buy your tickets Online.

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