Bayern Munich look to strengthen half the field


In professional football there are many challenges to overcome as all teams have their strong and weak areas, that is precisely what gives diversity and taste to the encounters in the field otherwise football would be extremely boring and repetitive. Today we will see one of the weak areas of Bayern Munich according to our opinion, it is necessary to clarify that we are not professionals in the sport but the years invested in seeing and practicing the soccer makes that we have a solid opinion and perhaps you share it with us.


One of the most important reasons why Bayern Munich aims to reinforce with new players half the field in possession of the ball in both times of play, it is not worth having players who dominate the area for only a few minutes, at On the contrary, it is necessary for the midfielders to hold the ball for a quarter of a second in the game, thus leaving the other players in other positions to do their job, as well as the smiles on the fans who decide to buy the tickets online and go to the stadium,  are going to increase considerably.

Less counterattack

Although it seems a lie in the middle of the field also occurs counterattack, of course, at a lower level than in the areas near the arches but it happens. It is assumed that each player is clear what he should do, and even more, the coach is fully aware of the orders that must give but in the field, with adrenaline and emotion, things change. The counterattack in the middle of the field has its contribution: dynamism, but it should only be a resource used as that beam under the sleeve or in other words as a surprise factor.

More fold back

This is a reinforcement difficult enough for midfield players because they are subject to the movements of the other players (both the rival team and the team), so the new members of Bayern Munich should be visualizing this situation to give a solution soon, instead of letting it always be the same person who puts all his effort into making things work correctly (coach’s case) because sometimes not all the talent in the world is enough.

Working Together

Up there we said that not all the talent in the world is enough, and now we emphasize it because in the case of midfielders or in any other position there is always a character who will excel because of his talent but only ever will be able to achieve everything, so the last thing we consider important to reinforce the work in the middle of the field is the joint work that is repeatedly forgotten for football teams

With this Bayern, Munich will become a Phoenix and the fan will be happy to buy the tickets online and attend the great events of the club.

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