Chelsea FC vs Tottenham Hotspurs


During the 2016/17 season, many teams have battled the long way of the Premier League, one of the continent’s best and competitive leagues. Major clubs such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham are teams who have been struggling throughout the season to reach the top of the Premier table.

Preview of the match between the day number 13 between Tottenham and Chelsea F.C. for the Premier League

Chelsea faced Tottenham Hotspurs face-to-face in a Premier League match that would take place at Stamford Bridges. Conte’s London side in their last five games had 4 wins and only one defeat, while Pochettino’s Spurs in their last five games: two defeats, two draws and only one win, a result that greatly favors the team of Chelsea.

This match was crucial for Chelsea and that to obtain the victory would retain the leadership in the Premier and would stay away from Tottenham. That’s why thousands of fans anticipated buying the tickets online to support the Stamford Bridges Chelsea team, which would be a very interesting and intense match.

Moses and Pedro saved the leadership of Chelsea F.C.

Eleven minutes from the first half, after knocking out a Kane goal, Eriksen advanced with a powerful shot, an excellent left-footed shot to score the first goal and beat a Tottenham who was better positioned in the field and in touch bases ball.

The opposing team was able to pressure Chelsea FC, in which they increased the nerves as the minutes went by until Pedro appeared in the minute 45 to send a strong shot, a wonder from outside the area and overcome Lloris, which ended with a draw at the end of the first half.

Moses’ transcendental goal in Chelsea’s victory

The Nigerian sealed the game in minute 52 after a goal, which for Chelsea overcame the goal with which Pedro had opened, the lancer stood out in a game that started under the domination of the Hotspurs, and that changed course in the second half, which ended with a tie that morally collapsed Tottenham.

A tough game played by the Premier who lived with great intensity and passion, many of the fans of Chelsea, could celebrate the victory achieved at home, undoubtedly was a good performance by the players of Chelsea F.C. The fans of the Blues will be attentive to the next meetings to buy the tickets, and of course follow closely the upcoming matches facing the season.

While Tottenham, on the other hand, must improve the results in their next meetings, so that can take advantage and reverse the result that could not take advantage in this classic of the Derby of London.

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