The BBC of Real Madrid



All major European professional football teams set up their “artillery” to prepare for the upcoming tournaments, and Real Madrid is one of them, forming the acronym for the trio attacking the merengue between Bale, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. To be more aware of this trident Buy your Tickets Online and follow your goals

The initials of the names of these excellent players created a trident known as the BBC. That trident has become a deadly weapon for his opponents. For the achievements the BBC will forever be the artifice of the Tenth and Eleventh, a double that makes them the second white attack that repeats the triumph in the European Cup.

Contribution of the players to the Club

It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid strikers Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Bale played first in Lisbon and Milan, being the key pieces for Ancelotti and Zidane to win the last two Champions.

The famous BBC of Real Madrid Added in the city of Milan the second Champions in three years creating tridents of attack. These footballers have become the terror of Europe with two championships and a semifinals of heart attacks.

After a drought of Real Madrid in the crisis of the eighth (8th) that hit the white team for six seasons, finally see the light, once the BBC power is formed solidly, starting with Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema and then adding Bale who has been the success of a work already done among the players already mentioned.

The work of the front players

For the History of Real Madrid are many front players who have won the European Cup, but the BBC with their attacks are writing a highlighting chapter. It should be noted that last season was for the white team quite complicated because of some injuries that had not allowed in some games not have the complete pieces.

Finally for the respite at that time of Real Madrid could be at the disposal of the French Zidane at the decisive moment. It is to be remembered that something like this also happened in Lisbon, where Cr7 and Bale scored in the final defeat against Atletico. In the city of Milan they had to wait the penalties to return to be decisive. Here they wrote Bale and Ronaldo. Brilliant! European double for the BBC.


Real Madrid coach Zinédine Zidane expresses himself before a press conference

For the previous to the match of the Super Cup of Spain, the Technical Director of Real Madrid Zidane, offered a press conference to give details of how things go with the equipment. The coach said the player Isco is compatible with the BBC. In addition to this, confirmed that Cristiano is ready and I assure that he is happy to sign his renewal.

As for player Theo, he said that he is physically and mentally well, he has just arrived at a club where he is happy and after the preseason will be growing like the others, argued the Frenchman. To enjoy this Super Cup, you can buy your Tickets Online

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