The best players of Bayern Munich last season


Last season was a season of many challenges, each player had to deliver everything from himself to achieve good results although they were not exactly what everyone wanted, that is football, some are destined to win by their strong preparation and delivery while those others are destined to lose because they did not deliver enough. This time in honor of those players who brought us a smile for their great work and not make us lose the money we had destined to buy the tickets online we bring those who in our opinion is the best of the 2016 – 2017 season, let’s see:

Arturo Vidal

One of the most eccentric players in Europe with a strong career in four professional teams (Colo Colo, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Juventus and for two years at Bayern Munich) It is one of those players that show explosive from start to finish when players begin to kick the ball on the court, in their position as a midfielder is one of the leaders and maintain control to ensure that the attack is perfect and the movements on the court are not affected by the opposing team.

On the other hand Arturo Vidal is a phenomenon in the stadiums, many of us as football fans had seen his performances in other clubs but we never come to think that this man would be a great influence in Bayern Munich and less so that we decide to buy the tickets online and above all make us enjoy watching the club on the court, which teaches us not to underestimate an ant.

Thomas Müller

He is the best striker for his performances last season and also for being one of the most loyal players possible, his whole life has played for Bayern Munich and it is not that he has not received offers from other clubs but he simply wants to represent his nation and his continent in this club, admirable characteristic of this striker, although it must be clarified that he has participated in other competitions such as the World Cup.

Thomas Müller is not as explosive as Vidal but has a unique style of play where he senses the goals from meters away as sharply as an elephant can detect sound waves at great distances, last season was most influential in the offensive and who better messed up the strategy of opposing clubs.

Robert Lewandowski

We finished with this striker who topped the list of goals scored in the 2016 – 2017 Bayern Munich season. His work was totally different from that of Vidal or Müller, gave that innovative touch to the club besides allowing himself to break records in his work.

In this new season 2017 – 2018 there is still a lot to see, some are going but others remain but in the end, they will always work hard to take the titles and please us fans to decide to buy the tickets online.

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