The fantastic news of the third Manchester United team


All the clubs with their brands are making history, but among all the equipment there must be a winner as it happens in the competitions for the different titles every year, that is why today we decided to talk about one of the equipment that in our opinion is the best. This is the Manchester United puppet of the Adidas brand designs, this club along with this brand are giving much to talk about the way we were surprised at all, in addition to the talent of the club, your uniform will make more people decide to buy the online tickets.


While the other brands continued with their typical way of designing uniforms, Adidas broke all the schemes and gave his work to other people: fan base. In our memory that had never happened, and though it was too risky, it yielded good results. Designers and good talents are all over the world, an offer by Adidas was more than enough and although we do not know exactly whether or not they paid the new star designer, the reputation he acquired for doing this work was abysmal.

Aniello Carotenuto

That is the name of the best designer of 2017 equipment, for those who dream of doing something great in life this man is a living example that taking advantage of an opportunity is all it takes to be achieve what you want. Aniello has shown that being a fan of a club and even more, of football, is totally worth it … so if you have been considering stopping following Manchester United or any other club that follow our advice is Do not do it! You never know how that will help you.

Description of the equipment

The shirt is gray in almost the same color with the exception that the neck, the end of the sleeves and the print are a little darker. The coat of Manchester United remains on the left side of the chest, on the right the Adidas seal and in the center one more brand that is Chevrolet; on the bottom of the shirt, the print has the figure of 3 big stars of the club: Denis Law, Bobby Charlton, and George Best.

On the other hand, Aniello Carotenuto designed a much simpler black monkey, as the shirt is plagued with excellent details as no one would have ever thought: in the right leg of the player goes the shield of Manchester United while on the left is the Adidas seal once again.

We do not know how long it took Carotenuto to make this equipment but those days, hours or minutes were worth very much. We think that just as the players are happy for their debut, so are the fans because in uniform we have to honor the club with many victories, victories in which we will support them deciding to buy the tickets online and inviting many people to see what made a big fan like us.

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