What is expected on Lucas Modric as a midfielder at Real Madrid


The Croatian changes the mentality of the Real Madrid players midfield missing midfielders and whose team is formed by defenders, half points and forwards assume the position creating a very good feeling, and you can buy your tickets online.

For Mourinho Modric was not indisputable so began his road as white most indispensable player of Real Madrid, it can be said that this Madrid would not be the same if it was not in the Cristiano Ronaldo field and may be right since if they had not won 2 cups in the past seasons, if Zidane had not taken over the team in January 2016, since if these certain contracts had not existed the reason, glory, but this team if the Croatian would not be the same.

Players By Vocation

Some time ago in the era of the galactic, Florentino Perez gesture an impressive team formed by defenses, midpoints and forwards, could win only in the early years of that strange era, when there was only a pure camper center that knew the work the which was Makelele, the anchor of Del Bosque Madrid who one day wanted to match his status, the same that had on the pitch to the stars, and the president sent it to Chelsea, without Makelele, that team did not win again a title.

It is not necessary to go so far, when Florentine left and Ramón Calderón arrived, the problem was similar there was as reference Dull and Emerson Diarra, players who were distinguished precisely by his exquisite treatment of the ball, with Diarra and Gago, Madrid manages to win two leagues in a row and when Barcelona realized that his future was in Messi from that moment I showed him what it was to play good football and does not depend exclusively on footballers with few notions of association of colleagues.

In the last two years, the type of camper that counted the Madrid were the Cedales, Pablo Garcia, Diarra, Emerson, Gago, in the second florentine evolved but had difficulty to take the first step, I became the first great midfielder of his career as top manager when he signed Xabi Alonso, the other was Khedira, express request of Jose Mourinho, considering him as an elite player, this defined the current coach of Manchester United but was not what the team needed.

An expected star

Casually the Madrid found what he needed a half-point. Modric was not the “10” of Croatia by chance, from its beginnings in the Dynamo of Zagred, the Cruyff of the Balkans was the hitch, the footballer who was in liaison between the midfield and the front and his qualities in that work were more that extraordinary, Daniel Levy, president of Tottenham, admired his footballer and sent a warning to Florentine: Spurs are not easy tab, the message is understood Perez with Bale. Modric arrived in Madrid, in the last moments of the summer market in 2012, and at that time with that hiring that at first seemed somewhat unnecessary, Madrid began to build a project with ability to dominate the world.

It was not easy to say, but for Croatian the idea of ​​football has been updated to what it requires these years, there is a team that is not able to perform an associative and fluent football, bearing in mind that they can have their stars on the part of the white team we have Cristiano, but Modric is the one that puts light to the white soccer through which they are created plays, is organized the structure so much offensive as defensive, by which all the magic flows.

No one looks like Luka, that’s why it’s unique and Zidane understood it, overexploited Modric to finish up winning the Eleventh, pear for the twelfth was going to need Modric cooler, and gave him rest as much as he could, the games won and relatively insignificant parties of the League allowed them to see the elite of the player and in his most enviable physical form in the days that really needed this is to Bayern, Atletico and Juventus, the results speak for themselves, run to buy your ticket online .

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