PSG insists Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Oblak


The PSG wants the goalkeeper of Madrid’s Athletic for this new season; there is still no clear answer from the Madrid club but it is expected that in the next few days clarify the matter Oblak, because soon will start a new football season in Europe. Can you buy tickets online?

Jan Oblak: Slovenian goalkeeper wants PSG

Oblak is only 24 years old and has already accumulated a very significant record for his time as a football professional. He began his 16 years with NK Olimpija, during a single season, since he was signed by Benfica in 2010 for almost 4M euros.

During three years in different clubs in quality of granted, returned to the Benfica and gained the First League, the Glass of the League and also Liga of Portugal. Not bad!

For July 2014, Atletico Madrid managed to incorporate him into his squad, following a 16M agreement for Benfica. With the mattresses, he made his debut for a Champions League game in September of that year.

Since then, he has been the protagonist of many good moments for Atlético and thus obtained the distinction of Best Goalkeeper of La Liga in 2016 (Zamora trophy). This year repeated with the distinction.

Now, Paris Saint-Germain wants it at all costs

The French club is non-stoppable at the time of bidding for those players who want, in one way or another, in their squad; has not yet assimilated the exorbitant figure that has just paid for the Brazilian Neyamr Jr., and everyone is talking about the offer that the PSG has prepared to take Oblak to the French league.

For some months PSG officials have chased the Slovenian to convince him to go to France, and apparently this is working, as the goalkeeper has said he could accept the offer of the French if Atletico does not improve his contract.

The young man is already considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world and his signing could be around 100M. For being still very young, it represents the future for any team and a very intelligent investment in the medium term.

Economic strategy

The problems of signing that is going through the Madrid club, due to its suspension this summer, can be very expensive and the players are taking advantage of the occasion to demand increase of payment.

Mattress managers are under great pressure, as they cannot sign new players and must spend more money to keep their current owners; in turn, if they choose to sell some of them to cover the gap of the increases they are asking, they are exposed to make inconceivable errors.

It would be a very serious mistake to let Oblak leave, but they need money. The first PSG offer rejected was for 75M, but will try to improve it. The owner of the Parisian team is studying the possibility of paying what the club has requested the Manzanares.

This signing has us all on our nerves! Will the Madrid’s Athletic leave to go to Oblak? Do not stop buying tickets online while waiting for the answer to this great question.

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