Real Madrid is happy to have Casemiro


Champions of the Champions League, Real Madrid, is a meticulous team to sign their players, as those who aspire to be in their elite squad must live up to the needs and demands of the club; Casemiro does not have a problem with this, already seems to have entered the Bernabéu in the pocket. You can buy the tickets online because the season has almost arrived.

The young Brazilian striker

Casemiro, with 25 years, has already been drawn a great football career inside the quarry of Real Madrid. His debut with the team was in April 2013, against Betis.

This encounter of Casemiro was an opportunity that was given to him, since the young man played for the Real Madrid branch Castilla, not for the main one.

Before Casemiro left with the subsidiary of Castile, the Merengue board decided to buy it, but ceded it to Clube do Porto for two years.

Return to merengue club

Being as yielded with the Clube do Porto, took advantage to shine and gain experience, under the eyes of all Real Madrid; thus, had an excellent first season with Porto and Madrid decided to claim it for his squad.

In 2015 he has renewed the contract, now until 2021 and since then, Zidane would consider it in its alignments.

Achieving ownership

Casemiro knew he should astound the French coach in order to win the title, and he did; Now, he is seen wooing in the field by two greats: Luka Modric and Toni Kroos.

This season, Casemiro has been one of the main stars; Helped the team to win the Champions League against Juventus de Buffon, is the author of the second goal of the match; a goal that would lead to that victory and bring confidence in the field of Cardiff.

He returned to start in the match against Manchester United in this year’s European Super Cup, opening the scoring for the Madrid club. The match ended 2-1 in favor of the whole of the Bernabeu.

At the end of the season, 2016/17 was included in the Ideal Team of the Champions, positioning itself to the level of Buffon, CR7, Messi, Sergio Ramos and Isco Alarcón, among others.

The European press has praised the young striker a lot and has said that he has managed to bring a necessary balance in the style of play of the galactic.

It has seen a clear evolution in the forward; Zidane has tried several options to give him the opportunity to stand out and achieve his goals on the team.

The DT this season was able to realize that Casemiro had to focus only on the defense to achieve balance, and that has been the case since then.

His strategy has been so successful that Modric and Kroos can each focus on their task while Casemiro is around.

The player has also increased the value of his signing this year, thanks to his neat participation in the League and the Champions has aroused the interest of Mourinho with Manchester United.

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