3 reasons to watch Barcelona FC matches this season



Great expectation is generated by the season of Barcelona FC in 2017- 2018 that is about to begin. There are several reasons to sit down to see together with the family, with cakes and sodas the best football that will present us Barcelona soon, and then give you some reasons.

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The first of them is that Barcelona FC this summer made an important signing, creating if the curiosity of every fan and fans of the club. This incorporation is the young cracker Ousmane Dembele with 20 years of age. Dembele has become famous because of his dribbling, his speed and way of playing in the field, and that was what caught the attention of the Catalans to want to hire him.

It is to be remembered that the young Frenchman belonged to the Borussia Dortmund team, and Barcelona FC canceled for him the total sum of 150 million euros plus 45 variables, automatically becoming the most expensive player in the history of the culé.

The expectation that has created this signing is a great reason to see the presentations of Barcelona FC, it is necessary to see how the player engages together with Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi in a tip to achieve the objectives raised that is no more than win cups.

Other reasons to go and play on the court of one of the best teams in the world as it is Barcelona FC is the incorporation of the Brazilian Paulinho, which despite many fans and followers of the Barca were not very comfortable for this signing, the club was always very clear in its intentions with this player of 29 years.

It is noteworthy that Paulinho is a player who stands out above all for his physical deployment, is a formidable player in high pressure and one of those players who accustom to be in the right place on the second occasions and divided ball. Barcelona FC liked the game form of Paulinho because he is a footballer back and forth, otherwise, he is good at recovering balls.

The Barcelona champion has long been detecting a problem in the defensive structure in the last course and the Brazilian’s option is to organize things. For this reason, FC Barcelona coach Roberto Fernández looked at Paulinho’s performances in Brazil and convinced him to be one of the outstanding players since Tite’s arrival at the bench of the “Canarinha”.

It is noteworthy, that now it is necessary to see how the Brazilian is in sync with his teammates in the club and fulfills his work as a midfielder and recoverer of the spherical.

Other reasons why it would be great to see Barcelona FC matches this coming season is how it arises in strategy and tactics of games because they have much to reflect and improve to face their strong rivals, as it is the Real Madrid.

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