Feast of goals for Manchester City against Stoke City.



The days in the League for Manchester City are being a source of happiness for any side that looks at you, Manchester United are on the heels of Manchester City and of course it will seek to take away the smile by the victories that has obtained in the last meetings, while Stoke City is very but very behind. Precisely today we will talk about that, the beating that gave Manchester City to Stoke City a few days ago.

Etihad Stadium, Manchester

Manchester City played very comfortably in their own home, in a stadium where they meet in most cases the 55,000 spectators who fit the place the energy was impressive. The game corresponded to day 8, which meant a lot for Stoke City but unfortunately did not get the points that would help him climb the standings, and now that task is much more complicated. The game was held on Saturday, October 14 at 16:00 H, as we said a lot of excitement for all the people who took their time to buy the tickets online.

 3 goals from Manchester City in the first half

The first 15 minutes of the match were not as dynamic, both Manchester City and Stoke City possessed the ball and made one good pass despite having clear chances of goal. It was not until the 17th minute that Manchester City began to create a dominant attitude on the pitch, the first that made it clear was Manchester City Boy, he is not the favorite of many but certainly that goal scored with the goalkeeper defending to another place burst into a mighty EH! of the fanbase. Two minutes later came the goal of the Jamaican Raheem Sterling and at that moment their faces seemed to say that they were the owners of the Premier. Before arriving at the 30 minute David Silva scored the third, and although it seemed signed the sentence the marker changed.

 2 goals from Stoke City in the second half

Stoke City obviously went with their shoulders slumped at the end of the first half, but as is always the case in football when players return to the pitch in the second half they think they have everything to change things, and indeed, it seemed that was what they were achieving because before reaching the minute 50 Biram Diouf and Kyle Walker set the score 3-2 and had every intention of tying and tracing.

After what we said above, began the party for Manchester City with varied goals and attractive on the part of G. F de Jesus, Fernando Luiz Rosa, Leroy Sané and Bernardo Mota. The marker changed again from 3-2 to 7-2. An unparalleled day for the fans who chose to buy the tickets online in advance.

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