After all, Coutinho stayed in Liverpool



Ready to buy tickets online for the new season of the Premier League? Do not wait any longer and take advantage of the offers; already started the first days of the championship followed rumors about the uncertain whereabouts of Coutinho, but Liverpool have already spoken about it. Let’s see what happened.

A telenovela begins: Coutinho and Klopp

For months there have been rumors about the possible departure of Brazilian Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool; but like everything in football, rumors come and go. Later, Jurgen Klopp, Technical Director of the team, said that no one inside the club was thinking of letting the midfielder go.

Plans in Anfield

At Anfield, Liverpool managers were waiting to be able to secure Alex Oxlade – Chamberlain, but no one said anything about the Brazilian’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, at Camp Nou, they were looking for a strategy that would convince the player to leave England, but they did not have a Klopp totally determined to prevent their star player from leaving just now when Liverpool are preparing to play in the Champions League.

The figure that was handled by Coutinho

In England all the sports media talked about the sale of Coutinho, which was estimated to be around 120 to 160 million euros; after the signing of madness that was made with Neymar, for 220 million euros, the summer became more expensive for the European clubs.

In the last days of signings, it is believed that Liverpool asked 200 million Barcelona to let their midfielder go, but the Blaugrana club refused and gave for lost, at least for now, the bargain by the Brazilian.

On the other hand, Barcelona did agree to pay 105 million euros for Ousmane Dembele to Borussia Dortmund.

Transfer Request

Although Liverpool did not give in to pressure from Barcelona, ​​the player himself asked for a ‘transfer request’ requesting to be transferred to the Catalan club, advising that he would no longer play with the net shirt and let him know that he did not want to be registered in the 11 of Anfield for the Champions.

A drastic decision and that many believed that Klopp would give, but even so, he let Coutinho go, who still has some time contract with the London team.

Liverpool declare its decision

On September 10, Klopp formally declared that the negative decision on the sale of Coutinho to Barcelona was already decided. In the first games of the Premier, the Brazilian did not play for ‘the reds’.

Before this statement, Barcelona’s latest offer came to England: nothing more and no less than 150 million (the initial was 105 million), but in England, they said no again.

Coutinho did not start the training of the first days, probably, because it tried to put pressure on Klopp, but said that it was by pains in his back. Anyway, the player will continue with Liverpool this season, or at least until next winter.

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