Manchester City wins hard against Chelsea.



On Day 7 they once again faced two great teams: Manchester City against Chelsea in a League that is giving a lot of talk among the different fans, some are struggling to buy tickets online and attend the stadium to enjoy live and direct each shot, each foul or each goal while others do not take anything seriously and prefer to see a boring repetition of the game recorded on the TV. You are probably here because you also missed this match so closed that had Manchester City, but quiet that we catch up and remind you that there is nothing like buying tickets online and enjoy the game on the court. Let’s start!

Few Goal Opportunities

The common thing is that in each encounter the two teams have different options to score goal, but when they are very well prepared with the defensive lines, the goalkeepers totally focused on their work, the midfielders avoiding the advance of the enemy and all that type of actions that must occur on the court nothing happens that excites the fans, or in other words, there are no goals.

That was precisely what happened in this game, each player was totally focused on what he had to do and spent the minutes and minutes with very few chances. In the first half, there were no entries, equally negative for both clubs, but all have said that Chelsea was worse, especially because “The Ariete”, ie Morata was injured. Even when the parties have this scenario, the fans enjoy with their friends or family and does not regret buying tickets online not because of the fact that there are no annotations but because they can be with your club and the people you want.

The emotion

Almost in the 70th minute there was a goal, the honor of changing the score fell on Kevin de Bruyne (Belgian player in the position of midfield) and did so masterly throwing a strong left-footed left leaving the goalkeeper without chances of catching, as we can not fail to recognize the great work that the enemy goalkeeper of Manchester City was doing, of course, that made the ovation rise volume in the stadium and caused much joy to the Manchester City.

After that goal Guardiola’s expression and that of many important characters there changed completely, no wonder, a goal in a close game is much more celebrated than ten goals in an open or very active game.

No return

As expected the Chelsea wanted to come back, for that the coach made some changes but the final was without fruit. Manchester City, on the other hand, wanted to score the second, but neither could … the match arrived at minute 90 ‘and gave a +3 but there was no turning back. You as a fan also be careful that when you buy the tickets online do it in time not to regret it as with this great game or others that have had the Man City.

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