Manchester United is interested in Harry Kane.


Manchester United is undoubtedly considered to be one of the best and most historic clubs in Europe. He is also one of the most popular teams in the world, and for all his matches as a local at Old Trafford, he collects a lot of money as fans always choose to buy their tickets online to watch the match live and direct from the stand.

Now, for this current season Manchester United aims to return to the reign of English football, and for this, he wants to win the Premier League to give way or return to a Champions League final. The previous season Manchester United finished as champion of the Europa League and that is why it is important to continue in the title streak.

To try to preserve the superiority in this season 2017-2018 have made signings like Lukaku, Lindelof, and Matic, but the red devils of José Mourinho want to make other signings more that give freshness to the template, one of those objectives that Mourinho wishes is the English striker Harry Kane.

Harry Kane:

Harry Kane is an English striker who has played for Tottenham Hotspur since 2011 and in 7 seasons has become a figure for his club being the scorer in recent years. Last season 2016-17 Kane played 38 games with Tottenham where he scored 35 goals and was among the top scorers in the Premier League.

After their spectacular numbers has aroused the interest of many clubs across Europe, and rumors online seem to say that Manchester United is one of the strongest players for a possible signing in the winter market.

This signing would complete the recent addition of Lukaku since the safe date of the return of Zlatan is not known and the Swede would surely not have the same place of a scorer, which has made Mourinho think of a worthy replacement to be the star striker of the Manchester United.

How much would Manchester United pay for Kane?

If the rumor that is spoken in the online pages turns out to be true, it might be possible for Tottenham Hotspur to access an offer that is above 60 million euros. Some of the rumors say that Manchester United would have up to 80 kilos available to make the signing of Kane.

It should be noted that Manchester United will have to fight with other clubs for the signing of Kane, as this striker is intended by clubs like Real Madrid, also will also face the spurs DT Mauricio Pochettino, who on many occasions has stated that will let Kane go, considering him with a non-transferable player in his style of play.

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