Best home-grown West Ham players



The London team West Ham aside from having good players inside their templates as starters, also has some good quality youth, who in the future could push the club with more strength to win English Leagues.

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It is common for all soccer teams in the world to have their absolute headlines, as well as have their lower leagues or homegrowns that can develop their skills on the pitch and so gradually raise their level and reach the “big” . West Ham has players from the lower league who have given much to talk about their individual performances within the club.

West Ham are considered one of the most historic teams in England, 59 seasons in first division have never descended to third and have only lost four seasons since its creation in the Premier League.

This club is considered by many as a “soccer academy” because of the number of youth players who came from here in the 60’s as players of the likes of: Bobby Moore, Martin Peters and Geoff Hurst.

Currently one of these youth players is Nathan Trott, who is born in Bermuda on November 21, 1998, and covers the goalkeeper position at the youth club of West Ham. This guy has had 19 games with the lower club, which has performed optimally.

Another youngster who has been talking about is young Ajibola Alese, who was born on January 17, 2001 in Nigeria, but is nationalized in England. This player is in the defensive position, with a duration of 2017-2018. It is said that it has a good potential to get far, and to be holder in the future.

On the other hand the West Ham was involved in a scandal when it remained to some of the canteranos of the club Valencia to integrate it to its row. It is the young player Toni Martinez who is 19 years old and is international with the Sub -19 selection.

Indeed, it happened thus, the set of Steven Slaven has contracted the Spanish striker, that militated with the Valencia in inferior categories. The young canterano surprised everyone with his game in the UEFA Youth League, where he scored a goal and has given three assists in all eight matches.

The striker stressed “Playing in the Premier League is a fantastic opportunity and more with a club that does not stop growing.”

It is worth mentioning that his adaptation to the English club has been phenomenal, has 10 goals in 10 games in the Reserve League and is the second top scorer in the Premier League, after Stephen Humphreys, Fulham player with 12 goals.

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