Summary of the Champions League match, Juventus vs Olympiacos



Last September 27 Juventus of Turin faced Olympiacos Champions League and won a 2-0 victory. Here the summary of the match. Do not wait any longer to buy the tickets online, because this season looks better than ever.

Olympiakos: a Greek club that wants to overcome in the Champions League

The Olympiakos is the most awarded club in the First Division of Greece, with 44 titles obtained.

This Greek club has only been able to reach the quarterfinals twice in the Champions League and this year the club has been fighting to score points and improve their participation; however, could not make improvements in the match against Juventus Turin in September.

First part

Initiated the first part of this meeting where Juventus played as a local, Olympiakos took the field with the Colombian Felipe Pardo as the starter. The first 45 minutes of the game passed without goal scoring but with a very dynamic game and good plays for both clubs.

Second half

The first minutes of this last part were of many occasions of danger for the Olympiakos, carried out by Cuadrado and the Argentine Paulo Dybala. Juventus was clearer in their attacks and the Italians’ victory over the Greek team was already looming.

In the 68th minute, Gonzalo Higuaín opened the scoring, once and for all, for Juventus and the second goal of the victory came in 79 ‘thanks to a shot from Mandzukic.

Thus, the Olympiakos lost of to gain three points to be defeated 2-0 by the Italian champion. This match had great moments that, had it not been for Gianluigi Buffon, would have allowed Olympiakos to win or draw in Turin.


This match was very significant for Juventus, as he had to take advantage of the opportunity to score points to recover from the defeat experienced against Barcelona at Camp Nou, where the Blaugrana team beat him 3-0.

How is the classification in the Champions League so far?

Manchester United leads Group A with 9 points; the PSG leads the group B also with 9 points; Group C is led by Chelsea with 7; Group D by FC Barcelona with 9; Liverpool lead the group E with 5 points; Manchester City leads Group F with 9; Besiktas with 9 points leads the group G and Tottenham H group with 7 points in favor, tied with Real Madrid for the same amount of points.

Juventus are second in Group D with 6 points and Olympiakos have no points, as they have not been able to win a match in this Champions League.

It was expected that Atletico Madrid managed to recover, but only got 2 points.

Will Juventus Turin win the Champions League? Can we witness how Buffon finally raises the Champions League title? For this and more, remember to buy the tickets online promptly.

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